Tuesday, October 12, 2010

wow! This is sooo cool! Powerful messages to tell yourself how wonderful you are bec. you have piece of hashem inside u..therefore ur unlimited:)


  1. woah this is so cool! thank u for this awesum video and for always being so encouraging!!!

  2. that's amazing! reallly empowering (in the good way) and clarifying and reminding yourself of all that you know deep inside. The ending is AMAZING! so often we look at others through the lens of "Chavivin Adam SheNivra B'Tzelem" that we forget that I, too, am Chavivin. Why am I lovable? I have G-d-piece inside of me. How often, though, do I feel love of myself, not for what I can do, who I am, or what I am, but really for the ability for me to become G-dly, for the part of me that can transcend and be similar to G-d and is not bound by the physical, and can access G-dlike properties? The Maharal says that we don't often feel that ebcause the word "Chiba" is used, not "Ahava". Chiba is hidden Ahava that's not been actualized while Ahava is when it's brought from the Koach el haPoel. And it's our job to bring that trillions-worth in treasure in us from the Chiba that Hashem sees it as, from our natural born state, to the Ahava we can see it as, when our Tzelem Elokim is jumping out of our skin, the Pintele Yid leaping like that fire, pushing our legs to run to do mitzvot, rather than stumbling and hesistating because we are in Chiba-mode rather than Ahava-mode. Thanks so much Chaya Sara for that video! wow


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