Monday, October 25, 2010

All Because He Tried

“I can never do it,” the little kite said
As he looked at the others high over his head.
“I know I should fall if I tried to fly.”
"Try,” said the big kite, “only try,
"Or I fear you never will learn at all.”
But the little kite said, “I’m afraid I’ll fall.”

The big kite nodded, “Oh, well good bye,
"I’m off,” and he rose toward the tranquil sky.
Then the little kite’s paper stirred at the sight,
And trembling he shook himself free for flight.
First whirling and frightened, then braver grown,
Up, up, he rose through the air alone,
Till the big kite looking down could see,
The little one rising steadily.

Then, how the little kite thrilled with pride
As he sailed with the big kite side by side!
While far below he could see the ground,
And the girls like small spots moving around.
They rested high in the quiet air,
And only the birds and clouds were there.
“Oh! How happy I am!” the little kite cried,
“And all because I was brave and tried!”

Taken from by Miss Antebi


  1. this reminds of a thought i heard on the parsha a few weeks ago- its says Hahsem took Avrohom outside and told Him to look at the stars and count them and then it says so too will b ur children according to the simple meaning its sayin just as u cant possibly count the stars and the amount of them is infinite so too will be ur children but on a deeper level its sayin tht although avrohom knew tht it was humanly impossible to count the stars Hashem was telling avrohom u jst TRY even wen things seem completely unrealistic put in an effort because as soon as u put sincere effort into something a person gets an extra amt of siyata dshmaya and all of sudden you r able to accomplish things tht seemed way out of your reach this is what Hashem was saying "ko yihiya zarecha" us Bnei Yisroel will hav this ability and willpower implanted in our DNA tht wen things seem extremely tough and impossible u hav the capacity to jst TRY snd once u put the first step forward Hashem carries you the rest of the way we jst need to tap into the koach its there - so get the words I CANT out of your vocabulary because YOU CAN all you hav to do is TRY

  2. Woah, that is such a beautiful thought!! Anon, thanks so much for sharing that!

    Just like the stars are so out of our reach and there's no way we can even think of counting them, Hashem gives us the message to reach for the stars no matter how unrealistic it seems and He will make us soar to the sky and accomplish!


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