Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shavuos Thoughts

Here are some beautiful thoughts on Shavuos...
(Written by my sister, Devoiry)

There is no ONE mitzvah that we do on Shavuos. On Pesach, we eat matzah and marror, on succos, we sit in the succah and shake lulav and esrog, on Rosh Hashana, we blow the shofar, etc…but on Shavuos, there is no specific mitzvah that we must do. The difference is, that on Shavuos, all we have to do is want to accept the Torah and that’s all! When Hashem went to all the nations, He asked them, “Do you want the Torah?” and they all answered no for various reasons, but the underlying reason was the same: they were not willing to change their lives around to live by the rules of the Torah. Esav cannot live without murdering and Yishmael cannot live without stealing. They cannot live without filling their desires and doing whatever they want. Hashem is waiting to hear each and every one of us say, “I WANT to accept the Torah today, I WANT to live a life of connection to you! I am willing to make real changes in my life to become closer to you and elevate my level of avodas Hashem!”
And on Shavuos, it is as if Hashem comes around again and asks each person, “Do you want My Torah?” Every person should ask themselves, “Do I want to accept the Torah???!!!”

We might think that when Bnei Yisroel said na’aseh v’nishma, they were saying, “Hashem, we are willing to accept Your Torah even if it’s bitter for us,” but NO! Bnei Yisroel said, “Hashem, even if the Torah is hard for us, chiko mamtakim, v’chulo machmdim, it is sooo sweet and so delicious!! We know that even if it’s hard for us, we are sure that in the end, it will be the sweetest thing in the world!”
For example, a Jew who is not frum looks at people who keep Shabbos as if they are in a prison and feels so bad for them. But once he gets to taste the beauty of Shabbos, and he realizes what you could do on Shabbos, he knows how lucky we are and doesn’t say that anymore!!!!
When Aharon Hakohen died with the misas neshika, (he died with a kiss from Hashem,) his brother Moshe asked him, “What do you see?”
Aharon answered, “I can’t describe it to you but all I can say is I wish I would have gotten here earlier.”
When you ask a ba’al teshuva what it’s like to keep Torah and mitzvos, he can tell you, I feel like I got a kiss from Hashem. I can’t describe it to you but all I can say is I wish I would have gotten here earlier!!
We have to realize how truly lucky we are to have the Torah, which teaches us how to live the best life in the world!!! Shavuos is the time to appreciate what we have and tell Hashem, I want to live with you!!
(R’ Shimshon Pincus zt”l)

Rabbi Milstein said that it’s very easy for us to list our five least favorite mitzvos, but if chas v’shalom, the goyim would not let us keep the mitzvos, (g’zeiras hashmad) which five mitzvos would be the hardest for us to give up?! Did we ever think about what our most favorite mitzvos are?! So tonight, when you lay down in bed, think about it! Think about which mitzvos you love and you would never want to give up for anything!! And realize how lucky we are to have the Torah and mitzvos as our guide of how to live!!

Shavuos is the time of the birth of Mashiach so may we all be zoche to greet Him THIS YEAR IN YERUSHALAYIM!!

May you all have a beautiful and inspiring Shavuos!!

How i saw hashem during my surgery!!!

hey im back!!
i just want to share with you how i saw hashem during my surgery, when i went into surgery this past week i was terrified i could not believe that i was going into the operating Room. I started shaking and flipping out. i did not think i was going into such a huge room i thought that theyll put me into a reg. room. When i saw the operating table i thought wow!! this is not just a night mare that i am having, its real!! oh! no! i wanted to just run out of there faster than i could think! guess what i couldnt i had no choice but to go onto the table! my heart dropped;(
My tzadekes sister wrote in the past blog (thank you sooo much devoiry!!)
but i want to share it with you from my perspective!
i was so scared that the nurse did not know what to do with me she goes, "how old are you?" i said 28 she says,"come on get on the table!! " i said its not about age..... it was a real nightmare for me!! Help!!! i knew i had to think of something quick in order to give myself strength.
My mother told me to think of these warm and touching words HASHEM LI LO EIRA as i go into the room. hold onto hashem you have no one else who can help you at this moment of time!!
I had a choice to either be angry at hashem that I had to go through such a scary procedure or i could turn to hashem and ask him to help me!!
i chose to turn to hashem cuz what will it help being angry then you just loose everything!!
Hashem promises you that if you ask me to help you i will take care of you cuz noone else can only me!!
so i said to hashem pls give me strength to go through this and come out a better person from it! hashem you are the only one who can help me now! pls. hold my hand Hashem!! dont leave me here its only me and you and the doctors!!
once she got me to sit on the table she says one min. ill be right back she runs off and tells me, "here look what i have for you, a warm delicious blanket straight out of the dryer!" i could not believe it!! HERE IN FRONT OF MY EYES I SAW HASHEM!! HE WAS SENDING ME A WARM HUG FROM HEAVEN!! COULD I ASK FOR ANY BETTER??!and then she ran and got me a thick fluffy pillow. she said they never give out pillows only for me! WOW I AM COUNTING MY HUGS FROM HASHEM!!
so as soon as i felt comfortable they were ready to put me out!! finally the real action was about to start and ill be out so no more noise in that room from me!!

now i learnt so much just from the beg. of my surgery the end of it will be alot more!!
I will share with you rest of the story on the next blog
what did i learn just in the beg.
when things dont go the way we want them to we tend to get upset and we cant think straight anymore... so i have a choice my mother always tells me this " YOU CAN TAKE YOUR LIFE AND MAKE IT BITTER OR BETTER JUST CHANGE ONE LETTER!!''what does this mean?? you can become closer to hashem or further and its all in your hands!! if you make it better you will feel hashem so much closer to you!!
so i chose to make every moment of my life meaningful and better this way i will be constantly looking out for the good that hashem does for me!! i watch ppl live and get so angry at hashem when things dont go the way they want i could have done that tooo for what??? why not use this time to talk to him and tell hashem i need you!!
once you do that you are on the best path and hashem will hear you and take care of you!!
just one last thing we need to rem. that we live in a microwave world where we see results in sec. we have no clue how to wait for things but we must rem. that hashem does'nt work on fast forward WE MUST BE PATIENT!! YOU WILL GET TO SEE RESULTS SOON JUST BE PATIENT!!
may you be zoche to see hashem in your life cuz you will invite him in. he is waiting to hear from you!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Message from Chaya Sara

Hi Everyone,
Here's a quick message from Chaya Sara:
My computer is not working but as soon as it is, I'll be right back here!
Thank you so much everyone who davened for me!! I have A LOT to tell you about my surgery today...baruch hashem it went well! Hashem sent soo many people to be there with me and comfort me and help calm me down because I was petrified!!
I was soo scared to go onto the operating table and then the nurse gave me this realllly soft and warm blanket - I felt like it was a hug from Hashem and He was saying to me, "don't worry. I am here with you every second and I am hugging you and watching over you!!"
I was put to sleep for the surgery and when I woke up, there were so many people around me. There was a volunteer who went around and made everyone feel soo good, even though I was soo dizzy and nautious...I couldn't get up for an hour! When I got ready to leave, they were going to call the nurse to take me back in but I didn't want to have to stay there for another minute so there was a lady in the waiting room who walked together with my mother to the car so I could leave and wont have to stay there any longer!!!!!! My mother took suuuch good care of me - I got to see at that moment the love and care that a mother has for her child - it is amazing!!! No matter what, a mother loves her child and will do anything for them! I am soo thankful to my mother, she took off a day off from work just so she could be with me and take care of me!!
When I was done, I had no taste in my tastebuds - everything tasted like PAPER - hard and without a taste. I ate a ricecake and I was like, what am I eating?! I couldn't swallow it normally...think about how lucky you are to be able to enjoy the food you eat!!!! Every single thing you eat has a different taste! It is such a gift from Hashem to be able to taste each thing that you eat - and each thing has it's own unique taste!!!! Think about it and thank Hashem for it!!! You can eat pizza, ice cream, fruit, your lunch and your supper and everything tastes yummy!!! You should enjoy the taste of the food and then thank Hashem for it - He gives it to you to enjoy because He loves you!! Now, slowly, my taste is coming back and I am able to taste things...
Hashem made the day of my surgery come out on the same day as my little sister's birthday! Of all days Hashem chose, He chose her birthday and she davened soo hard for me and I can see that her precious tefillos really helped!
Now, I'm slowly starting to feel better so I want to thank you all for your tefillos!
Every time you get a message to daven for someone, take a minute to daven for them because every tefillah is soo powerful and can really affect them!! Your tefillah is soo precious to Hashem!
(posted by her sister with Chaya Sara dictating over the phone)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life is such a gift from hashem

Today I was thinking about how much we have in our lives realizing the gift of health.
Let me help you understand what I mean. I went for a blood test today since I am having a small procedure done to me on mon. I have an assist on my head and it has to be removed.
So the nurse asks me are you sick with malaria, or many sicknesses that I never even heard of. I was like noo baruch hashem there is nothing wrong with me.WOW I AM SOOO LUCKY!!! She said dont worry i am just giving you a small blood test. I was so scared and nervous. As soon as I was done I got so dizzy I had to lie down. So she says to me, HOW WILL YOU EVER GIVE BIRTH??? ITS A NIGHTMARE COMPARED TO THIS. I was like really," wow im excited to give birth!!"
As I was laying there in the bed I was so in awe of hashem that every part of my body is working so perfectly. Who thinks about this that our bodies work so perfectly its is the greatest gift in the world!! So many people are waiting in the waiting room with real scary sicknesses, and me i am going to be home in a few hours!! HASHEM IS SO GOOD TO US!! WE HAVE SOO MUCH TO THANK HASHEM FOR. I JUST SAT IN THE ROOM CRYING AND THANKING HASHEM FOR GIVING ME THE BIGGEST GIFT OF LIFE HEALTH!!
We must remember that every moment is such a gift from Hashem and noticing that when you are not feeling well hey! Hashem made sure that every day of the year i would be 100 percent healthy and only one day i am not feeling well!!! Lets try to focus on how much hashem protects us, BY MODIM THANK HASHEM FOR AT LEAST ONE OR TWO THE PARTS OF YOUR BODY THAT ARE WORKING SO PERFECTLY!! Example: My feet work, my hands work, my heart works so perfectly!!
Think of someone who broke their foot or hurt any part of their body, its sooo hard to do things. Someone told me that she broke her hand and she was not able to button her shirt with only one hand! Another girl told me how she broke her ankle and could not walk out of her bed! So we need to look out for all the gifts that Hashem gives us!!
We take it so forgranted lets think about it for a few extra min. so that hashem will see that we appriciate the gift of life and he will watch over our bodies.
Have an awesome day where you notice the gifts of life!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lag Baomer

Today is Lag Baomer wow !!!!!what powers we have tonight and tom. beezras hashem
First of all the greatest tzaddik in the world is now available for you to talk to him and ask hashem that in his zechus to pls answer your tefillos!!
To give you an idea of how great Reb. Shimon was and how powerful he is, i will share with you a really cool story that i read a few weeks ago. I AM READING IT STAIGHT FROM THE BOOK
There once was a terrible epedemic that broke out in a city near Rebbi shimon he went to the town and saw dead bodies all over. Rebbi Shimon said ''I DECREE THAT WHILE I AM IN THIS TOWN THE PLAGUE MUST STOP!! "
Rebbi Meir said that Rebbi Shimon is as great as Moshe Rabbienu!!
can you imagine what a power it is to daven in his zechus!!!!
when you tell over this story you bring his neshama down!!
its a huge thing to talk about tzaddikim cuz then you get connected with their positive energy!! and then they go to hashem for you and beg for your request!!
Rebbi Shimon has the power to do the most unreal things for us if we beg Hashem with all our hearts!!

its a huge zechus to light a candle in the name of Rebbi shimon and daven for a few min. he has awesome powers esp. today!! the fire is to remind us that we all need to light up our neshamos on fire to come closer to our father who misses us like crazy!!
If you cant cry then just say ohhhh give a sigh for all of us in this crazy galus and that sigh is like a tear to hashem and its very powerful!! (Baal Shem Tov says this!!) He says the sigh pierces the heavens and goes straight to hashem!!
we need mashiach begggggg hashem to end this crazy insane galus so that we could come back home to him and hug and kiss hashem with all our might!!
also think of the three boys in japan they are missing all this no fire to dance by, no inspiration, no Shabbos to sing songs to Hashem, and no hugs and kisses from ppl they love most!!!
maybe if we all beg Hashem tonight to take them out and make a huge nes in the zechus of rebbi shimon maybe things can change!!
think about ppl in hospitals, ppl lost not knowing of hashems love for them, ppl who lost tons of money.. just rem all the gates are wide open beg hashem for us to come home!!
i know hashem is just waiting for us to realize how crazy this galus is WE DONT BELONG HERE WE BELONG IN ERETZ YISROEL WITH THE GLORIOUS BAIS HAMIKDOSH!!
thank you hashem so much for this gift of being able to inspire ppl its a sign of your love for everyone!!!!!!!!
I love you hashem!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to Serve Hashem Out of Love

How can I serve Hashem out of love?
hey everyone i am excited about you coming on line and checking this out!!
MI KEAMCHA YISROEL!! WE ARE THE COOLEST PPL EVER!! All we really want to do is grow and become closer to hashem.
My goal for this web site is to have a new approach on how to serve hashem in the most happy and beautiful way.
I read this week in orchos tzaddikim that the highest level to serve hashem is through love for all that he does for you. when we serve hashem out of love that is when we feel the best about ourselves.
What does it mean to serve hashem out of love?
well lets first take a look at how much he does for us, and it does not cost any money, its all gifts for free!!
1.When we wake up in the morning, the sun is shining , and the day is so full of warmth you just feel hashem smiling at you ooowww!!! what a delicious feeling it is:) this is a free gift for you cuz he loves you!!
Think about this, you have one million taste buds to enjoy the food that you eat every day! Just to add to the pleasure every time you eat something its as if you are tasting it for the first time!! why do we go and buy the same food over and over again like ice cream? cuz we love the taste of it and every time we eat it we get a new delicious taste in our mouth!! How awesome is hashem??
Even if we talk loshon hara or just rush to make a bracha hashem does not take away our taste buds!! pretty cool!!
Taste buds are free, our eye sight is free, our legs to run are all free, we get to hear music for free THIS IS ALL BECAUSE HASHEM LOVES YOU!!!
lets try to look out for every time hashem does something good for you and say thank you hashem even with a perek of tehillim mizmor lesoda and then hashem will give you more and more reasons to thank him!! maybe then we wont need hatzala calls to make us say tehillim instead well have simchas where we call out to hashem with tons of simcha!!
just to put this into perspective whoever knows me I am 28yrs old NOT MARRIED and i have the ability to be sooo broken... instead I focus on every good thing hashem gives me and i am sooo happy with every passing day!!
May you feel hashems treasures wherever you go. Life Is a Treasure box Waiting to be opened and admired!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

You are greater than you think

Here is something I read today and I thought that it was sooo heart warming that I wanted to share it with you:
That we may think that oh! I have done so many aviros hashem must be soo upset with me from all that I've done, I'm so bad there is no point in changing!
However just the opposite is true Rebbe yisrael of Ruzhin said that in the generation before mashiach comes any yid who shows even a slight desire to be close to hashem and believes in hashem will be considered as precious in heaven as the greatest of the past tzaddikim!!
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov said "In the generation before Mashiach comes a person who washes his hands before eating bread will be as amazing as the Baal Shem Tov was in his generation."(For real!! That's how highly hashem thinks of us!!)
And one more word of encouragement In our generation it would be proper to kiss the feet of every believing Jew!!
Can you imagine that just by thinking of wanting to become closer to hashem you become like a tzaddik in hashems eyes!!
Hashem knows that we are surrounded by internet, movies, crazy billboards on buses, music blearing from every car that passes. Even walking into a store you are bombarded with all the garbage of the street and it is sooo hard for us. Do not feel bad at all!! Every time you turn your heart to hashem and walk away or close your eyes or close your ears you are considered a tzaddik in the eyes of hashem!!
I feel so lucky to have such a gift like the most loving father in heaven is excited about me!!
Hashem sends us hugs from shamayim every time we try!!
May you feel Hashem's hugs being thrown down from heaven. Cuz if you open your eyes you feel him...
To be continued how to open your eyes and feel hashem with you all the time!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Lost Child

I want to share an incident that happened the other day. I think it puts a lot of things into perspective!!
I was on the boardwalk enjoying the beautiful scenery when suddenly I saw a huge crowd of worried faces all talking and pointing in one direction. I hurried to see what the whole commotion was about and I saw a little boy standing by himself looking very sad. I asked the bystanders what happened to him they said that he lost his father and they already called the shomrim to come get him. So I said, "Oh! What's his name? Maybe we could find out who he is."
They said, "Yeh! We tried but he refuses to tell us his name."
So I walked over to him and I said, "Please can you tell us your name we want to bring you back to your Tatty!"
He just stared blankly at me and would not say a word. I scooped him up in my arms and said, "Please tell us your name we want to help you and find your Tatty for you."
The bystanders started checking his shirt to see if he has a name in it. This poor little boy is standing there looking at everyone feeling so uncomfortable. By this time the crowd just got bigger and bigger but the boy refused to talk.
Finally, I told my little sister ask Hashem to make the boy tell us his name cuz we really need to find out who he is - by the time the shomrim come we need to have some info about this precious 4 yr old.
Elisheva, my younger sister, did 2 halachos of shmiras halashon in her head and it was sooo unreal to hear this little boy suddenly say his name. We had a bag with hebrew lettering on it, so i said does your name start with a shin shook his head no, does it start with a vav no does it start with a mem he shook his head yes!! Great! So is your name Menachem, Moshe, Mendy.. noooo all of a sudden he says Mem Reish Daled Chaf Yud and I scream out Mordechai and he says yes!!
Wow shehecheyanu!!!
We now have one part of his name the whole crowd got sooo excited! It was such a moment of achdus all we cared about was to help this boy no one cared if you were chassidish, litvish, fat or skinny all that mattered was to take care of this little scared boy!!
Next, what is your last name, he refused to say!!
We all asked Hashem please help us help this little boy his parents are probably frantically looking for him.
Just then we see a very worried father walking by so we tell the little boy i think your tatty is here!!! Mordechai goes running up to his father with such a relief and excitement it was unreal to see!!
This set me thinking about our lives.
We are all lost in this galus trying to find ourselves and we are sooo sad and clueless as what to do. Hashem knocks on our door and he sends us all kinds of messages saying I want you to come back to me you are lost what do you need to help me bring u back. I want to help you come home!! we just look blankly back at Hashem and say what????? do you want from me!! and Hashem makes these boys get stuck in jail a way of telling us beg me to take you out the way you are begging me to take out these boys!! And all the other crazy stories we had this year!! We just look at Hashem and say what do you want I'm not interested in telling them "my name"!!
Hashem scoops us up in his arms saying, I will make life sooo hard for you until you come to me and beg me to take you home!!
We say hashem why???? are you making it so hard for me I dont feel you!! Hashem says back i want to help you find yourself please tell me your name and we refuse making faces at Hashem!! If only we would realize that hashem is begging us to beg him to just take us out and he is even holding us in his arms as he is doing it!! So he makes life here unbearable and what do we do we just ignore him and stare at the sky like Hashem stop dayenu!!
Hashem has such a burning desire to bring us all home to be with us in Eretz Yisroel and hold our hands forever yet we just forget to beg him to take us out that is what we need to do!!!!
Then He will grab us out with so much love and excitement we wont know what hit us!!!
Lets work on dan lekaf zechus not to jugde people before we know the whole story!!
Like today it looked so mean of me to be holding this boy in my arms and keep asking him the same question again and again for any by stander would look at me and say leave him alone they have no clue how much we care about trying to help him!!
So the next time you hear a story about someone and you dont know if its true try to not jump to conclusions think positive of the person!
Remember, you never know the full story!! You are walking into their lives in the middle of a chapter of the book how could you know what and where they came from!!
This way Hashem will see us looking for the good in others and not judging them beezras hashem He will say let me see the good in klal yisroel who is trying soo hard and bring them home so I could give them the biggest hug ever!!!!
Imagine how awesome it will be seing parents reuniting with their children who had left this world!! Imagine children seeing their parents who left them what a crazy simcha it will be LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
Please let me know what you think and what you took from this!