Thursday, August 6, 2009

My brother's Yartzeit - tomorrow, Friday, August 7th

I sent around this email and I'm adding it to the blog so your comments can be added to my list. Read on...

Tomorrow, Friday, August 7th is my brother, Shalom's yartzeit.
I have a small favor to ask each of you.
A yartzeit is a special day. It is a day for us to remind ourselves that no one is here forever and we should take advantage of our time and use it to the fullest.
I'm asking if each of you can please comment on this blog with ONE THING that you will do l'ilui nishmas my brother. It can be a one time thing (like reading something on shabbos that will bring you a step closer to Hashem, saying extra tehillim, saying asher yatzar with extra kavanna, giving someone a compliment today...) or it can be something you want to try to continue to do (like giving tzeddaka every day, improving in one area...).
I want to try to compile a list of all the things people are doing l'ilui nishmas my brother and then show it to my family. I'm sure it will bring a tremendous nechama to my mother and the rest of my family.
His name is Shalom ben Chaim Nosson - so please, if you can say his name once when you are doing whatever it is u choose to do for his neshama to go higher. Remember, he cannot to even ONE mitzvah now!! We can make his neshama reach great heights by doing something for him!!
Thank you!
I'll start with mine first - I will try, to say "Thank You Hashem" for something specific while I kiss the mezuzah.
Now it's your turn to add a mitzvah to the list!


  1. Bli neder, I will say a dvar torah this Shabbos li'iloy nishmat shalom ben chaim nosson, and to start kissing the mezuzahs li'iloy nashmat Shalom ben Chaim Nosson

  2. i will bli neder try to notice all the things that hashem does for me throughout the day and not watch any movies tomorrow. l'ilui nishmas shalom ben chaim nosson

  3. B'li neder, I will try to wake up early so i can daven everything instead of just whatvever fits into my 20 minute break

  4. Purity of Speech, Garden of Emuna, What the Angel Taught You, Daughters of Dignity, and additional leanring in discussion tonight were liiluy nishmat shalom ben chaim nosson

  5. I'm really trying to make brochos out loud so people can say amen and also having in mind what Im doing when I kiss the mezuzah.

  6. bli neder- li'iloy nishmaas shalom ben chaim nosson- i will get up at 8 am to make it to the shabbos shiur and begging of shabbos shachris! (i have never been to the shiur by the way and i always wanted to go)


  7. Thank you everyone for your comments! I read them all to my family at the shabbos table this past week and they were soo inspired and touched that you all really cared and did something special l'ilui nishmas my brother!! I'm sure he was smiling from on high when he saw that so many people took something upon themselves and I'm sure his neshama went soaring high!

  8. bli neder I will try to kiss the mezuzah and realize the wonderful things that Hashem has created for us li'iloy nishmat shalom ben chaim nosson

  9. Anon - that's so special of you! Thank you for sharing that with us! It warms our hearts when we hear that people are doing things l'ilui nishmas our brother!


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