Saturday, October 31, 2015


We have an extra hour tonight
The clock will be pushed back
What will I do with this extra hour?
Will I stay up later?
Will I sleep in tomorrow?
Or will I utilize this hour?
I always say I need more time
I always feel like I need more time
In my day
And now that I'm getting it
Another whole hour
Will I sleep it away?
Will I waste it away?
What if
I took this hour
Took advantage of this hour
And did something with it?
Something I never do
Something I never made time to do
Take care of something
Take care of someone
Take care of myself
Use this hour
To make a resolution
To think
To come to a conclusion
So there is something valuable
To be gained
From the extra bit of time
To me
On this night.
Let me think about
How I use my time
And utilize this time
To think about 
A change
That I want to make
That I want to see
In me
But never had time for
Never made time for
Now I have it
That extra hour
How will I use it?
Now I will use it
To take that step
To make that change
To think about what's stopping me
To think about what motivates me
To do it
I know I want to
I know I can
And if I feel I can't
I will turn to the One who can
Help me
Guide me
Support me
And give me
To use this time
To make the change
And hold on to it
So I can keep doing it
And stay strong
Without backing down
So that next year
At this time
I can look back
And be proud
Of how I used this time
Of changing clocks
To change myself