Thursday, October 28, 2010

shabbos is the exact same message as he is sharing with us abt. yom tov...its really cool our loving relationship with hashem he comes home2u


  1. so i posted this so that you could take a great lesson abt. shabb. from here!! every week hashem comes home to out house and all he wants is a loving relationship with us... so by preparing for shabb. and making shabb special we automatically connect to hashem in a real loving way!!!
    we will def. write more abt it.. as of now my bed is calling me that i prob am tired so im running to sleep.. i do that sometimes!!!
    have a wonderful day where you feel hashems hug all the time!!
    hashem loves us more than anyone in the world loves us.. wowowowowowowoowowwowowowowowoww!!! thats really huge!! '
    let this shabb help you feel a realer connection to your loving father in heaven!!
    cant wait to hear abt it!!

  2. everytime i see this iget such inspiration to grow much more! thanx a ton!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I didn't get to watch this video until now but it's really good and has such an important message!

  4. i love this clip that i keep oming back to see it again! i just sent it to a lot of my contacts, and told them they should join!(the funny thing is that they probably would read this comment of mine-and start rolling to!lol!)


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