Thursday, October 14, 2010

Attitude - A Poem

“Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush; it can color any situation”

I have two pair of glasses,
I wear them every day,
The difference is that one is “Rose”
And one is tinted “Grey”

There are some days
When things go wrong,
I end up feeling “Blue”
My mood is bad,
I’m feeling sad,
But I know just what to do!
I change my pair of glasses
To the one that’s tinted “Rose”
My day looks so much brighter,
I forget about my woes.

My friend got a new dress to wear
It’s much nicer than mine
Uh oh! I’m “Green” with envy
My dress is not as fine
I change my pair of glasses
To the one that’s tinted “Rose”
And say “What a pretty dress you have
I love your taste in clothes.”

My sister that is one years old
Tore my new book page by page
I yelled, and screamed, and shouted
And turned “Purple” with rage.
I change my pair of glasses
To the one that’s tinted “Rose”
I forgive my little sister
“Cuz that’s all a baby knows!”

My friend and I argued
We called each other names
We hurt each others feelings
My face turned “Red” with shame
I change my pair of glasses
To the one that’s tinted “Rose”
I told her “I am sorry”
We’re friends again, not foes.

Wouldn’t days be happy
And wouldn’t weeks go by
With “Neon hues of color”
If we would only try?
To wear one pair of glasses
Not the “Clouded or the “Grey”
But our “Rose Tinted Glasses”
To brighten every day!!

This is the first of a new series on CHARACTER PERFECTION taken from by Miss Antebi


  1. that's brilliant! thanks! it gives you an actual label, in the colors, to give your moods and realize that anoher color is only a swap away to reframe it in a positive light!

  2. Thanks, I know, this poem is amazing!

    I'm glad you liked! :-)

  3. wow! this is so amazing1 thanx so much for writing this! it so happens to be that our english teacher has been teaching us a lot of Hashkafa during her time(of course it ties in with the lesson)and we had been discussing things like this one-only we of corse said differen examples...liike the power of a pen is so amazing! it can be used for bad, it can kill someone, it can hurt someone, make them go off the derech....but a pen also can be used to brighten a lonly life, bring someone on to the derech(back), bring out warmith, love, care...thats just with a letter-if you know someone who doesn't like you for x amount of yrs.. and suddently she sends you a letter-what will be our reaction? scared, bringing back feelings of dilike....but if one day you just get a letter from a friend or family member-then what would our reaction be? happy! why? c'z we know what went in to that letter-care, time, love....

    we actualy have to write now about something like an object-and what it has to it-describe what it can do. this is for both an object and the hum of the fridge at night, or the washing mashien, or the wispers out side your room...all these things we can take in and make something out of it...
    thanx tonz!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  4. Liat that's so true!! Thanks for sharing that with us, it's amazing how powerful the pen can be - and the keyboard too :-) Let's hope we use our keyboards to type good things on this blog and keep the inspiration going!!

  5. ha ha! you'r so cute Devorah!I think we realy are making these inspiring things going! of course one good thing can bring another good thing-and just by your clips and articles/poems..etc... with the feedback stuff that people put up-is the best way to get inspired-all we nead to do is the click of a button and then this comes up!(well a few clicks...)it's AMAZING! a lot of the time i would read things but just not comment on them, and of course i would say them on the hotline as well!

  6. Liat, I'm so happy that you keep the inspiration going and you share things you read on the hotline!

    Just know that your comments mean a lot to me and to Chaya Sara and we treasure each and every one! So you can tell the girls on the hotline to come onto the blog and leave comments too - that's the best thank you any of you can give us!

  7. ok sure!
    i just happen to have written about a clock-for my asignment. I think just about everything has some sort of ereson on this world for us-to learn from-even a T.v is so speshial;it can teach us how it realy is going to be up there-seeing all our actions-and how ech thing is recorded;avairote, and mitzvote! its so cool!
    i always thought that a clock is a very anoying thing to have-espeshialy when it has an alarm to wake us up! but now when i came to think of it, it can show us how preshious time is on this world! every seconed Hashem says i love you, i love you, and for one single seconed Hashem will stop-weather we know it or not-Hashem can instantly, in a single split seconed just take life away from us! all that we did-both bad and good is recorded, we can't do any more teshuva-this is what we did and thats the end of it! its just so amazing to think of it! i wrote a whole thing of this and it took up 5 pages!LOL!

  8. Wow, Liat that's such a cool thought! It's so true that we can learn something from every single thing that was put into this world...the clock with its ticking noise tells us to take advantage of every moment because time is passing by and we can never get it back...


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