Sunday, October 3, 2010

Seeing the miracle in front of your eyes!! First watch the other part then this one:)


  1. wow this story is craaaaaaaaaazzzyy!!! how does he not get upsety at hashem.. and just trust in him!! he def.taught me a great lesson that when things look soo dark mitzvos can be one of the realest answers!!!!

  2. how cute to see this 3 yr old singing a song to hashem and walking up with his bottle he is sooo little and he gets it!!! gosh imagine how much we shld be thank ing him for the good we have!!
    just too see how eveyone was sooooo happy for him to see the power of trust in evry dayu life taught me sooo muvh!!!

  3. hello what a story!!!! i cant believe that this actually happened usually when someone is that sick they dont make it that easily!!!!
    but what happpens when you do soooo much good and it just gets worse.. its not alwys as easy as this looks!!!

  4. this is so so so so so Amazing! i was so touched by it! thank you so much for sharing this!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'm just woundering what they did to make such a nais like that wow!thanx!

  5. wow!!- i know what you mean- but maby Hashem is doing something like that because it is for our own good-we just don't exactly know it... my friend once came over me for shobbat and she told me this amazing story wich illl try to put in here-though i can't exactly remember everything that she said(it was a yr and ahalf a go or something...)
    there was a girl who wanted to go to a certain school-and all her friends were there-and she didn't get accepted, and she was very smart-was realy upset at this because there realy shouldnt be any reason why they shouldn't exccept her, so she went to this other school, and she hated being there...but it then came to around play time-and sara realy wanted to be in dance but not choir- her friend; rivka however wanted to be in choir and not dance but their teacher said that everyone must try out for at least 2 things-so they tryd out both-and to this girls disapointment sara was put in to choir instead of dance, and Rivka was put into chir instead of dance-but she realy didnt care-sara came back home all upset that everyone-and not just her friend; got exactly what they wanted-and that she was the only one in the whole school who couldn't do anything-that she wanted to do...
    time passed and the dance /chir was already forgotten about, and now it was time to apply for a seminary-all her friends went to these to sem.(lets call it sem. A &B) so she applyd to these 2 sem but she didnt get accepted-and for no reason! so she then applied to this other one-and got excepted...2 yrs later her previous choir head knew of a man who neaded a shiduch, so she had gone through a bunch of ppl.-but she couldn't come up with anyone who was good for this man...and then suddently a something struck her-why not Sara? she was the only one in the whole class who came on ttime, knew the songs well, was acting very happy all of the time, and always had this some sort of free gift of just constantly beinggg positive-all thee time! this man also hadn't wanted to marry anyone who was in Dance in plays b4-he just doesnt like that, didnt want anyone to be in these 2 high schools because they are too "frum" for him, and definitly didn't want any one who went down to these 2 sem. because-they are just not for him....
    this girl of course was davening, and davening to Hashem for all these things-and ywet she still hadn't goten she have married the best talmid in their area, and yeshivah, as well...who would want more than-there own husband to be just for them...

  6. Wow, Liat that is such an incredible story, thank you so much for sharing it here! And for taking the time to type it all up!!

    It's really amazing and just goes to show you how everything is part of a master plan and although we may not understand it at the moment when things don't turn out the way we want them to, Hashem has a good reason for doing things the way He does them! Lucky for this girl to have been able to understand the reason for all her rejections...only to be accepted by her future husband! WOW!! What a story!


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