Monday, October 25, 2010

we are a light to the non jews and we dont even realize how much they look at us!! we can make a kiddush hashem every min.. we are being watched!!!!!


  1. Beautiful!
    I remember learning that as Jews, we're supposed to influence the other nations around us. So the question is 'how can we do that and remain unaffected ourselves?' - and the answer to that is a cool analogy with fire and water. We represent the fire that boils a pot of water (the other nations) on top of itself. We never have to mix with the water to actually affect it.

  2. This is a great reminder. Thank you.

  3. We are all "lamplighters" big and small in this world to light . I love that word, i call my children my little lamplighters.

  4. This is such a great video! Thank you Chaya Sara for posting it!

    It's amazing to hear so many different views of how other people see the Jewish nation, from their perspective!

    iRiR-Another aspect to that analogy is that the way to influence the other nations around us while still keeping our purity, our fire burning is by making sure there is a pot, a barrier, between us and them. By making sure we do not mix with them, we can affect them without causing any damage to our own selves!

    Rivki-I agree.

    Sheva-that's an awesome word because it describes us and our role so well!

  5. were these all jews answering-no right? c'z if ppl. would actualy balieve that jews is a good nation to be-then why wont they concider to be Jews themselves? i never got that...?

  6. Liat, just because someone thinks the Jewish people are special does not mean he will go ahead and change his entire life around to become Jewish! It's one thing to speak as an outsider and say how beautiful the lives of the Jewish people are and it's another thing to actually commit to living according to the rules of the Torah! The non-Jews may not be interested in investing so much time and energy and following all the rules - although they do not realize how amazingly special it is to be Jewish and follow the Torah.

    So yes, they'll talk about it and how good and praiseworthy it is to live like a Jew but it's too hard for them to change. And they do not have to become Jewish to fulfill their mission in this world. All they have to do is keep the sheva mitzvos b'nei noach the seven mitzvos that non-Jews are supposed to keep. We are not out to change the world and make everyone Jewish, just to inspire everyone and show them what a real Jew lives like and make a kiddush Hashem wherever we go.

  7. Devorah-
    ya i tottaly agree with that! i just think that its so funny cz if i wasn't Jewish and i'm to look at a Jew respectfuly; but not become Jewish-i think that it would be because i think it would-just be silly for me to be one-with all thise"crazy things" they do-thats my way of looking at it as an out sider to just i'm woundering that if they do think hat all are minhagim/halachote are just "crazy things"-(like shaking the lulav)i dont think i would really think so highly of them: c'z they are just doing these " crazy things"-do you get what i mean, or like not really....????????????


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