Monday, October 11, 2010

It Could Have Happened

Today while I was driving, I got to see how someone could have no idea that their life was just saved - a miracle can happen behind their back, seriously.

It reminded me of something I once heard - that a person should be thankful to Hashem for all the times things could have gone wrong but didn't, because you never know what Hashem saved you from and what could have happened that would chas v'shalom turn your world upside down!

So here's what happened. I was waiting at a red light and saw a car double-parked on the corner of the next street. Another car quickly turned the corner and made a short stop just as a passenger left the double-parked car and closed the door. I gasped and let out a scream because I thought I was about to witness an accident. If the car had not slammed on his breaks, he would have hit the car right in front of him and it would not have been pretty. Now the driver in the double-parked car had no idea what just happened and just continued on his merry way-he drove off.

I was totally blown away! First of all, an important safety rule for parking (if you are going to double-park, not that it is recommended at all) is: never double-park on a street corner. Cars drive at regular speed when they are turning and are not expecting to slow down so they can make their way through the new narrow passageway. Now that this did happen, the driver was extremely lucky that nothing happened to him or to the passenger that was leaving the car!!

He just drove off like nothing happened (well, b"h nothing happened) and I was left with my mouth hanging open!

I have no idea who the driver was and I doubt he even realized that his life was saved today but I learned a few very important lessons - the main one is that you should thank Hashem when you get home safely after you were in a car because you never know what could have happened!


  1. ttly true its so scary how many times a day we r saved and dont even realize thnx 4 sharing this

  2. actualy everyday we ARE saved by Hashem! because every day- if we see it or not-Hashem does at LEAST ONE THING that is Hashkacha pratis for us!
    wow! Devorah this is AMAZING! Were either of them jewish? when was this?

  3. Liat, you are so right! Every day Hashem does things to make our lives run smoothly whether we notice it or not so we should always thank Him!!

    The passenger who walked out of the car that drove off without a clue as to what happened was definitely not Jewish so I don't know about that driver. I couldn't see the driver of the other car - the car that made the turn, so I don't know if s/he was Jewish or not. Either way, I took a lesson from it. We should realize that there are so many times Hashem does things to watch over and protect us even without us knowing!

  4. hi deborah and Chaya sara....i havet been on 4 a while bt i can see its Nt worth pushing off cos there's amazng stuff which ive missed and i got to read the insites of rachel imeina to the son who got lost to the man who neva realised his life was Jst saved.. Etc!thnx so much. Such lessons 4 our every day lives...

  5. Miriam, I'm so glad you came on to check out the blog and thanks for your comment! Glad you are gaining :-)


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