Monday, October 11, 2010

This is just the beauty of hashems world..imagine how much he loves you if every sec. hashem is focusing on every creature how much more so you!!!


  1. That is so beautiful! And it's so true-Hashem watches over every little creature and every huge animal so of course He is watching over us every second of the day!

  2. its so amazing just to think that this is all nature and is all created by Hashem! its also crazy that i iknow of ppl. who would become frum -just out of seeing the creations that Hashem makes!!!!!!!!!! i can't actualy remember exactly what my father once had told me but i'll say what i do know and the bli neder i'll come back and type in the rest...
    There once was a man who went to college
    and he was lerning about the so happens to be that he was the only jew-forget about frum-in his whole class...
    the professor said that he did all this research and found....(don't remember exactly something about the planets/earth...)the man came up to his professor after class and said that he hadn't made it up-it says in the gimora all of that he was exactly teaching to them!(of course then there werent so much tech. known..)the professor abv. didn't believe him and asked him to show where it says th next day the man brought his gemorah and the profeesor was very surprised that all this time it taes him such a long time to find these things out by himself-and now right here it says this strait out in his gemorah! so of course as i'm sure you guessed already-he became frum...

  3. Wow, Liat that's an AMAZING story! Thanks for sharing it here!

    You can see that everything is in the Torah! WOW!!

  4. Devorah- thank you!!!!!!!!!!!also about that story something have come in my mind that i have been thinking for a while-i knew about it for a long time already-it just never hit me until that clip with the man who played in baltimore became a jew thing...
    1) why do arabs pray 5x a day and we do it only 3?(yes even though thats when the kohanim brought up korbanote...)2)why do we only bow down to the floor on yom kipor and not everyday-unlike arabs of course who do it all the time...
    thanx tonz!!(of course you can reply to my email as well if you'd like...)

  5. Liat, our job is not to be like the Arabs. We don't need to copy them to fulfill our role in this world. Hashem gave us a Torah and in His infinite wisdom also gave us rules - it's like a game, if you want to win you need to follow these rules. Now if you decide you want to change the rules of the game, you will be missing the point and not be doing what the one who made up the game wanted you to do. There's no purpose in giving yourself extra steps if that wasn't outlined in the rules of the games and at the same time you don't need to take away any steps either. It's a perfect game and the rules are perfect because they were set up by the One who is the Ultimate of Perfection! Hashem knows just what we need to do to serve Him properly and if He says that praying three times a day and bowing only on Yom Kippur is the way to do it right, then that's what we need to follow!!

    Another thing-it's just a thought, maybe we only bow once a year on Yom Kippur because then it makes it so much more special! Then it's such an unbelievable feeling of "wow, I really feel like Hashem is my King and He is deciding everything for me for this year"!

    Very soon, when moshiach comes, we will get answers to all our questions! But until then we need to follow the ways of the Torah and realize that Hashem knows what He's doing when He sets up certain rules for us to keep!

  6. wow! devorah thanx tonz!!!!!!!! it really finaly lifted up this thought that i've been woundering for a long time; since i saw this! When it came to a few classes that it was appropiate to ask something like this-they kind of said that, that isnt something that i should go looking for an answer...i was realy confused thanx a ton!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Liat, I truly believe that there is an answer to every question. Sometimes the person you ask may not have the answer but that doesn't mean you shouldn't ask! It's so important to ask so that you can appreciate the depth and beauty of yiddishkeit and also resolve all your doubts that you may have!

    Keep looking for answers to all your questions and don't let anyone discourage you from asking! It's the only way to get your answers!!


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