Thursday, October 21, 2010

Feel the love of Hashem:)


  1. :) thanks for posting this. it's beautiful. I'm gonna post it on my blog.

  2. wow this is rly nice it rly gives u such a good perspective to hav on things and it ends off in such a comforting way thnx for sharing

  3. wow! thanx so much for putting this up! i love the background and everything-my favorite one i decided is the big wave! it just shows(besides for what is said all the time)that Hashem created so much for us- so that we can enjoy it! its amazing how Much He does for us all the time!

  4. Woah, Chaya Sara this video is so incredible! Every time I watch it I cry because there is so much depth in each an every line! It is uh-mazing!!

    We need to internalize the message of this video, it is SO beautiful!!

    Thanks again for posting it!


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