Sunday, October 3, 2010

miracle on film you must see the power of mitzvos!!

This is another miracle that I witnessed with my own eyes!!
I was in there in brooklyn college when the father got up and said over his story.
I will share with you just the beggining of the story bec we only have one part of the story here...
This father has a son who was 3 yrs old and one night while his wife was getting her son into pjmas she noticed his stomach seemed to be a bit bigger than normal.. every day it grew.. so they said lets go check it out and the worst news was told to them that unfortunately there son was told he has a very very dangerous cancer parents were completely shocked totally unprepared for such news!!!! He was in the hospital for many weeks and he just got worse and worse.. his parents were terrified they did not think he would make it! someone sent him to amnon yitzchok to ask for a bracha to have a miracle happen..his son eliya yoav had a dream that in order for him to get better he needs a sefer torah that is white with a tree on it... they had no clue how they would find such a thing!!! This 3 year old boy would not give up no matter what he begged and begged for the sefer torah!! One day Chai lifeline heard about this and found someone who helped pull this together and his dream came true!! he woke up and asked his father where his torah was... the father said its in the room waiting for you!! the boy totally shocked and got renewed energy and ran to see his torah!!!! wow!!!!what a kiddush hashem mi kiamcha yisroel!!!
this painful time in his life brought him to find hashem in the realest way!!

sit back and watch how great hashem is and hashem waits for us to trust in him and only his power!! see if the doctors could say anything!! only hashem has the power of life and death!! torah and mitzvos can revive a neshama!! lets take this real message home when things are hard for us we must know that the only place to turn to is to our loving father in heaven who will never forsake us!!!
I met this boy and his family they live in Far Rockaway and they are extraordinary people!!! If you would like to e mail the wife she would be more than happy to tell you about this story!!
truly see the power of small mitzvos open your heart to really be moved!!!

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