Friday, April 15, 2011

when you do an act of kindness dont forget who you really are doing it for yourself!! open your eyes and see how ur chesed is really helping you!


  1. darling..what r u doing up soo late????!!!!2:04 am??? :-)

  2. this is a running theme in my classroom thanks to u!!it was amazing!!thank u!

    Chaya Betesh

  3. venatnu VENATNU!and they gave backwords and forwards!!
    whatever u do comes came for urself!

  4. this story is acted out on video by hanoch teller "do you believe in miracles??"
    i remember as a young girl

    imagine!!when Hashem sends us an opp for chesed we must need a zechus!

  5. I decided I'm converting to Carlbachianism lol not really but I lovvvee his stories!(esp I decided this after I learned that they say Good Shabbos every day of the week to bring the Shabbos spirit into the Chol). This is an incredible story! I'm def gonna grab every chance for chesed! ;) Chaya Sara, if you're up at 2 am at least you're doing the chessed of inspiring us!!!

  6. Woah!! That is so powerful!!

    Thank you Chaya Sara!!


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