Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There is so much about pesach that we dont know.. charlie keeps giving us more and more insight ;)why do we eat matza he has a really cool twist!!!


  1. But i dont get it, doesnt the passuk say they ate matzah IN metzrayim together w the sheep that they took from the mitzrim?? at that point they werent rushing out yet so it definitely didnt bake on their backs.... so again- exactly what IS the point?!

  2. your sooo cute... they didnt eat the matza in mitzrayim;)they had it bake on their backs so we eat it to remind us of what happened!The mitzva is to eat the matzA...

  3. thanks for calling me cute, I appreciate it, but if you look in the chumash it says quite clearly that Hashem commanded the jews saying to roast the sheep that they had tied to their bedposts and eat it 'sandwiched' between two pieces of matzah. Hence the concept of 'koreich' that we jewwish people keep by the seder every year. AND so I ask again, what INDEED is matzah here to represent?? ;)
    please do your best to answer this. much clarity needed.

  4. Wow this is such a great video!

    crumbsBgone-I asked someone your question for you (and for me too!). Here's what they said:

    There are many ways to understand this. I will tell you one of the simpler understandings.

    Matzah on Pesach predated the Jews leaving Mitzrayim in a rush. Avraham Avinu fed the Malachim Matzah when they visited him on pesach to let him know about Yitzchok's birth.

    Yitzchok Avinu ate Matzah on Pesach as well on the day he gave Yaakov the Brachos.

    Hashem created the world with certain times needing certain things. Pesach would be Pesach regardless of Yetzias Mitzrayim. Rosh Hashna would require blowing the Shofar even before Akeidas Yitzchok happened. Yom Kippur would be a fast day even if Adam hadn't sinned etc.

    Chazal tell us "Histakel B'Oraysa U'Bara Alma, Hashem looked into the Torah and created the world". The Torah is a blueprint for the world; we have parents because the Torah commanded us to honor them, not the other away that the Torah told us to honor those people who happen to be our parents. The model of parents having children didn't have to be that way. It is only so because the Torah says so.

    We call Pesach "Zman Cheiruseinu" a time of our redemption. It isnt called "Chag Cheiruseinu" which would mean the commemnoration of an event that was a long time ago, rather it is Zman Cheiruseinu, a time which has built into it the elements necessary for redemption on a private and a public level. This "time" was that way before Yetziyas Mitzrayim and is still so until today, and will forever be so.

    The fact that they rushed out of Mitzrayim and their bread didnt rise is not the sole reason we eat Matzah, rather it was an event that also happened on their way out of Mitzrayim which while we commemorate all the things that happened to us that day, we also reference that "sign" that Hashem gave us additional Matzah on the way out. They already ate Matzah the day before with their Korban Pesach in Mitzrayim.

    I hope this is clear. Let me know if you still have any questions.

  5. Devorah-
    Thanks :)) This also helps explain how so many other miracles having to do with granting freedom for the Jews happened on pesach... (ending of the holocaust etc...) May this years pesach bring us Eliahu Hanavi and the coming of moshiach!

  6. crumbsBgone-so glad this answer helped you!
    Amen to your bracha!


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