Friday, April 15, 2011

Chag Kasher v'Sameach!

I just want to wish all of the readers of this blog a very happy and uplifting yom tov.

May you be able to gain from your Pesach seder by making it real to you, reading new and exciting insights on the hagaddah and instilling your heart with love for Hashem and all the miracles He has performed for us from the beginning of time until now.

When you eat the matzah, which is called "bread of emunah", let that emunah seep into your heart. Realize that Hashem and only Hashem is the one who can do anything - from big to small - and put your trust in Him.

When the seder is done, some people say Shir Hashirim - why? Because by the time you finish reading about and truly experiencing yetzias mitzrayim, your heart is bursting with such intense love! So you throw those emotions into the next page - the special song of Shir Hashirim which talks about the love of Hashem and Bnei Yisroel!

May you be zoche to come out of the seder with renewed emunah in and extra love for Hashem and all the good He bestows upon us!


  1. u2! thanks so much!!
    have a wondeful pesach!

  2. Halevai we should feel the overwhelming love that Hashem is flooding on us qand make it a real two way relationship!chag kasher vesameach!thank u for being mezakeh me and mezakeh the rabbim!
    Shkoach rabinowitz sisters..


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