Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reward and Punishment

Q: Is there such a thing as reward and punishment in this world?

: It says that the schar, the reward of a mitzvah is the opportunity to do another mitzvah which will make a person earn even more olam haba! It's like if someone does a good job at work - they are paid for it anyway, but what does his boss do? He raises them to a higher position in their office so then they pay goes up as well! More opportunities means more reward!

I don't like to think of pain as a punishment, rather, I look at it as a
kapparah, an atonement, for something a person may have done wrong and it's giving them a chance to erase their aveiros and turn them into mitzvos by using their painful experiences as a wake up call to change and become better! This is such a chessed from Hashem! Instead of waiting until the person comes in front of Him (after 120 years) to give a din v'cheshbon - an accounting - for each thing they did wrong in their life, Hashem gives them a chance to correct their misdeeds and change - all while they are still alive! What a gift this is!!

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  1. hi devoiry im actually the one that asked briendy this question to ask you, so thanx for the answer!!! but baisically i heard in one of rabbi brody's shiurim (real teshuva) that when someone gests prestige for doing a mtzvah (like she starts to be more carefull in her shmiras halashon and everyone complements her and says 'wow your so special i wish i could be line you") than thats her schar. but if you do a mitzva and people x acknolage it or if they look down on you for it than its a chesed of hashem cuz then your reward dosent get wasted! so i was just confused cuz there is no reward and punishment in that sence??? i can see that hes saying that when people look down on you than you get more schar cuz its harder, but to take away your schar cuz ppl complemented you????


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