Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shyne used to be a rapper he is now a chassidish gye he is showing us that the only real freedom is abiltity to do whats right!


  1. i met him in eretz yisroel and he was sooo real and soo chilled.. he shared with us that he used to be in the worst neighborhoods and he saw how hashem saved him.. if you see the other video you will see that the guns were real he fought with guns..unreal!!! who would believe what hashem has in store for this neshama.. he now inspires ppl everywhere he goes!!! so we could learn from him that he checked it all out for us there is nooooooo greater place to feel your soul at peace than in a torah life!!!!where you follow the instructions that were made just for you to have taste life and feel freedom from the yetzer hara that constantly pulls you away from truth!!!
    the non religious see the truth we need to open our eyes and learn with more love so that we could feel that special feeling to!!
    pls think about this message it is very powerful!!!!


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