Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't Complain About the Rain

I heard in the name of R' Avigdor Miller zt"l about the rain
When you think about this, it wont be such a pain
He said that when it rains brachos shower down from shamayim
It could be in the form of parnassa, a refuah or a l'chaim!

It's like Hashem is sending down sweets for His children He loves

Rain is truly a gift from the one above
So next time you want to complain
About how wet you got from all the rain
Think about this-it will help you stay sane!
Because we really do have a lot to gain

Hashem sends down candies and
brachos from way up high
While the little drops of rain come down from the sky!
Isn't that a heartwarming thought?
Better than real candy because yeshuos cannot be bought!
I hope my drift you all caught!

So next time the sky gets dark with clouds
Don't get upset and try not to shout
Remember what good rain does bring
It causes so much growth to everything

This way the plants grow and so do the trees

Don't let it bother you - it will be such a breeze
This water from the sky helps those beautiful flowers
Enhance your garden or home - all from rain showers

It also helps us have healthy fruits and veggies to eat

So next time it rains, don't miss a beat
Although you'll get wet
It shouldn't cause you to fret
Let's not forget
How much bracha it brings down
Turn upside down your frown

Smile big tall and proud

Thank Hashem so loud
For all the good that He gives to us down here
And of the benefits of rain make sure to be aware!


  1. Lovely poem!

    Brings back fond memories of my yeshiva days in Israel when the bracha of rain was a lot easier to appreciate. I can recall myself dancing and singing in the rain because I was so excited that it was raining! Thanks for reminding me of those memories- and a bit of the appreciation for rain that I once had!

  2. Beautiful!!!
    I'll try and remember this next time it rains...because usually, unless I'm in Israel, rain brings my mood down a bit.

  3. :-) I`m too was reminded of Eretz Yisrael. Thanks.

  4. Beautiful Poem! It's such a great perspective to have on rain. Yes- if we would only stop and think what rain does for us - we would be very grateful for it. Can you imagine what the world would look like otherwise? Hashem SHOWERS us with so many brachos by letting the rain pour! So let's all learn to dance in the rain and splash everyone with the right outlook!
    Thanks again!


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