Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is such an imp. message so here it is again..continuation of the last one with leaving mitzrayim instilling in us complete faith in only hashem:)


  1. What a powerful video! HaShem is always taking care of us :)

    (the kriyat yam saf part was so powerful. That's what I picture the mitzrim to look like...but they were definitely inaccurate about how the Jews look.)

  2. Anyways, OMG!!!!!!!!! The video that you posted on Yitzias Mitzraim and all the macos was CRAZY UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! CRAZY AMAZING! OMG!!! I was totally able to feel it. I never pictured it that way.It really really shows that Hashem is the only one in charge and is the real true melech and is always taking care of every single person every second!!! I think the whole world should see this! It brings the point across so so well!!!!! WOOOAAAAHHH!!!! It's truly ONLY Hashem that makes everything happen!!!!!!

  3. sosso amazing w a poingnant and pressing message!of course shweckey makes it doubly enhanced being a real syrian...
    en lanu al mi lehishaEn el avinu shebashomayim!!

  4. Wow! That was really powerful! (maybe all the more so b.c my computer was lagging lol) but the words fit EXACTLY with the images at the right timing! VHakadosh Baaruch Hu Matzilainu!!! I really feel like being in Israel, by the kotel this Pesach, esp with this video *sigh* Leshana Haba Beyerushayim Habinuya!!!!
    Altough, I dont think Obama was neccsary to be in this video. It is afar and dangerous cry to compare him to The Mitztryiim, Hitler, Ahmadinejad, etc- the true ones who Amad Alainu LiChalotainu.


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