Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is a taste of where shyne was, showing us all that he chose the truth and now he lives it! this is what pesach is true freedom to connect !!


  1. Hi,
    I am sure that it may seem great that Shyne looks like he became a Jew, however, I do not think this video should be up. I think that ppl reading this blog may search on youtube for him and if they do they will not be impressed at his recent videos.
    Thank, and your inspiration is greatly appreciated I love your blog!

  2. i totally hear you... the videos were from before he becamefrum..
    everyone watching this pls pls jsut dont check out the other videos since he was not frum yet so he had some things that are not appropriate...i looked for the one that was the cleanest to see..if you think that its not ok pls letme knw i will take it off.. i jst assume that if you are on this blog you can pls be careful with what you see... pls be careful with your eyes they are soooo precious and they are a gift from hashem and he only wants you to use them to look at things that will bring you to better places in life!!!!!
    thank you so much for letting me knw,,,
    jst pls dont check him up his pastis quite diff than now... so plstakethis message thanks soo much!!!'
    i jst feel the message is sooo great and something to really think about!!!

  3. actually i think its really important to keep this on because it has such a strong message. the point of it is to see that no matter how far you have strayed from yiddishkeit there is always a way back. you are never completely lost, regardless if you think you may be. thank you so much chaya sara for this powerful message.

  4. NICE CUBE- don't b an ICE CUBE ;)April 14, 2011 at 9:40 PM

    HAHA! BRAVO! listen y'all out there, its time to stop looking down your nose at other jews, Hashem created us different from one anotha- each with other-worldly potential to be a most beloved servant to the Al-mighty. ANON, dearest, pls broaden your thinking a bit. The point here is to accept and love one another. To learn and to be ispired.
    NOT to see where you rate on the scale of religiousness. one Yid is cool on his/ own, but Heaven only knows the power when jews UNITE!!!
    Do yourself a favor: Don't waste your time passing judgement on Neshamos like Shyne, (or CHAYA SARA, for that matter, for posting this!)
    The world will be a bettr place cause of it ;o)

  5. i think Anon was not looking down on Shyne chas vshalom. Anon was more looking out for the good of the people that come to this blog. i think both anon and chaya sara have really good points.

  6. lets not let the yetzer hara start anything on this blog.. we must talk respectfully to everyone.. anon was saying that the other videos of him shld not be checked she wanted to make sure that noone googles him and starts finding other things that are not appropriate to be seen.. lets try to only spk with warmthh and love to each other.. that is the goal of the blog to spread more goodness into the world!! so pls jst dont check out his other music videos thats the message for all of us since they were made before he became frum... !!! only watch what is pure enough for your holy eyes...everything i put on the blog i make sure to be very careful that its ok for anyone to see so if its not on the blog then jst pls dont google it.. k yo are the best audience:) we love when you comment as long as everyone feels happy with each other...

  7. shkoach shkoach chaya sara keep up the inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if u only inspired me the first time i met u and never helped me connect to Hashem those countless other times....DAYENU!!
    i must say though that most of the videos i showed my students and they love it!!they felt mitzrayim...

    but this one i skipped..

    thanks Again,
    Chaya Betesh

  8. r u the same chaya sara from camp sternberg?

  9. I've seen this video before and I think it is great, however in the title there are 3 letters that should no tbelong there the last three the W, the T and the F please remove them ASAP
    thank you


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