Thursday, August 12, 2010

Your Personal Gift of Time

We have so much time during the day
Are you one of those who lets it waste away
Or do you try to take advantage and say
I'd like to accomplish come what may

Time slips by so quietly yet so very fast
Before you know it a few hours have passed
Make each moment eternal, make it last
By grabbing each opportunity that flies past

There is so much you can do to use it well
With a smile you can answer the ringing doorbell
Thank your mother for supper when delicious it does smell
Offer to help someone if you notice they fell

When you wake up in the morning
And the alarm clock so loudly does ring
Praise to the One Above you should sing
"Modeh Ani" you say to your Father, your King

While a healthy breakfast you do eat
It shouldn't be too difficult a feat
To have extra concentration for your treat
By mouthing the words while you sit in your seat

On your way to work or school or camp
Think thankful thoughts, soon you'll be a champ
It will lift your spirits instead of being damp
Appreciate all you have - you'll shine brighter than a lamp

Wherever you go, try to greet people with a smile
It will surely be worth your while
When walking down the grocery aisle
Or bumping into a parent or child

To try to have a happy face
Because you are in a public place
People want to see you react with grace
They enjoy pleasant people no matter their race

While you stop with someone to schmooze
Or at the store buying new shoes
Having positive facial cues
Can uplift someone who has the blues

If during the day you do find
Boring thoughts occupying your mind
Think of ways you can be kind
Spread goodness and warmth to mankind

Think of how you can help someone out
I'm sure they'll appreciate it without a doubt
Instead of getting annoyed or having to pout
A great big thank you to you they'll shout

If you try to think of how you can
Always come up with a plan
To use your time wisely - be a man
Do the best you possibly can

You will feel better about who you are
You will be able to go very far
Aiming higher and reaching for the stars
Improving your middos so they're up to par

There's so much more that you can do
Think about it-you know it's true
So spend some time thinking how YOU
Can improve and come closer to HaKadosh Baruch Hu


  1. Devorah, this is such a nice poem! And so true; we can accomplish so much and it doesn't take a lot, just a smile, a quick prayer, can make your day so much more meaningful.

  2. SIR-thank you! Yes, it's those little things that count...


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