Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rosh Chodesh Elul

Here's a link to last year's post on Rosh Chodesh Elul.

There is so much to accomplish this month-may you all be able to have a meaningful and productive Elul so you come into - and out of - the yomim nora'im clean and pure!


  1. im putting my comment here instead of on the other 2 posts cuz i dont think anyone would read it over there. I want to share a few things, but i guess ill only share 1 and the rest another time because im going to have to leave in less than 20 min....
    i 2 years ago was a mothers helper as well, both first half and 2nd in sternberg. and i cant exactyly remember what happened at the time, but i know that i was feeling upset some how or other-but i forgot why, however i do remember that i think i didnt w3ant to look for something that someone asked me to, and i was serching the whole camp from one end to the other,(i think or something like that) and i was just walking from the zoo through the mishkon part(right b4 the kitchen)(for those who know sternberg) and suddently a thought came a cross my mind, hey look at me, im now walking around the whole park, and some kids dont have any legs and cant do some of the mitzvote that i can. and look at me, i can not only walk, but also skip, run, jump, hop, tiptoe, some people wish anything in the world to have this ability, and not to just sit all day in a wheel chear, for get some people-i think all the people who have this ability wish to do the things i can. and look i can even hold my head up, and others nead to constantly have sapport for it. Do you know what ells? i can see, and smell, and hear, i can do lots of things-to praise Hashem for so many things that Hashem created just so we can enjoy....!
    this went on and on and on, i just kinda nead to leave the computer now and go to sternberg, but at least i got to finish 1 of my thoughts! B"h!

    i cant wait to come on back after camp to continue to be inspired and finish the other things i wanted to share!(thats the only exciting thing on coming back!Thanx to the 2 of you; CHAYA SARA, AND DEVORY)

  2. Wow, Liat, that is so special of you to think that way!

    It is so important to keep thanking Hashem for all the good things you have and reminding yourself about them, especially when your mood is not the greatest. Thinking of all you have to be grateful for will definitely lift your spirits!

    Have an awesome Shabbos in Sternberg!


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