Saturday, August 28, 2010

Prepare for Rosh Hashana-Two Videos

Here are some videos you can watch to help you prepare for Rosh Hashana - watch them and use some free time to really think about the awesome day that is coming up! Your whole year is going to be decided on this day!!!! Every little bit of it!!! So when you watch these videos, think about all that happened this past year and how it is up to YOU to make this year a special one!!

Please pass this message on to your friends and tell them to come and watch these inspiring and moving videos!!!!!


  1. i already watched this at least 5 times if not more-just this year now! this is such an inspiring, moving clip1 thank you so much for putting this up! i just never commented.....because something like this, there are just no words for i guess thats why no body commented on it.....
    i watched it by myself twice then i did it again with my mother, and i sent it to some of my friends, as well as my family thats not frum b'eretz yisroel! i'll keep you up dated by how much they love it!:) ;)
    I am talking about both this clip and the one above...! thank you so much! we were all touched by it!

  2. Thank you Liat! Your comments are so sweet and you always show how much you love coming to this blog!

    I also wanted to add my own comment about these two clips and how amazing they are.

    Watching, seeing with your own eyes how much can happen in a year and how everything is decided on this huge day made Rosh Hashana so much more real in my eyes. Like wow! So many things are going to be decided on this day! When you see the pictures with the words it brings it to a whole new level!

    I think this video can really impact anyone who watches it and bring them to the realization that the days coming up, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are not just days we should pass but we should take to heart what is going on in the world and work on ourselves so that we merit a good year!

  3. I was thinking today about all the big life decisions I need to make this year- seminary, college, etc, and then it hit me- THE biggest life decision is being made in less than 2 weeks. HASHEM is making the big life choices of my life so soon about each andevery thing that will be happnining to me this coming year and every little thing that is on my list to daven for is going to be set this Rosh hashana. And I'm freakinbg out over my like 2 or 3 big decisions for this year?! Hashem is going to decide on ALL the things that will be happening this year and it's so freaky cuz it made me reevaluate- am i ready?...

  4. Devorah-
    thank you so much! and thats so true!
    it happens to be that i wanted to email this to someone, who comes on the hotline. but she said that she doesnt have email, so i tryd to read it to her-but it rerally isnt the same.....

    tamar-i agree with you 100%!
    for some reason-i guess it probably just has to do with school or something, because i dont feel 1/2 as ready as i usualy am! i wonder why we have a whole day in school..... i know that if i had opened up a school then i wud make my students come and have da whole day just we jus nead inspiration, and speeches on preparing us for Rosh hashana v' yom kipore.....

  5. thanks again1 great to watch on tishabav...


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