Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Far?

Sometimes you go through something and then you just say, "Hashem, how much more do you think I can do? How far do I really have to stretch myself? Isn't it enough already?"

If you were able to hear Hashem respond to you, you'd probably hear Him say, "My dear child, my precious child, I love you so much and I have only the best things in mind for you. I know that what you are going through right now is hard and you feel like it's too much but through this you will come out a better person - and that's what you were put into this world for, to perfect yourself and refine your character. So yes, it may feel like a lot for you right now but I know you can do it!"

When things are tough and you feel like it's just too much for you to do, feel Hashem encouraging you along the way. Let these words enter your heart: Hashem loves me. Say it again and again until it penetrates. Keep reminding yourself, tell yourself, He knows what's best for me.

Hashem created you. He knows you better than anyone else because He knows what makes you tick, what is too much and exactly how much you can handle. What you are going through now is perfectly designed for your personal growth. You can fly! You can soar!

You have to keep telling yourself that you CAN do it and you WILL. Try to take it slow. Face your challenges with a smile even when it's hard. Tell yourself that you will be happy no matter what. You will come through, you will persevere, you will go higher. That smile that you wear on your face, even if you don't really feel happy will eventually make you happy.

Like they say, fake it till you make it. Just keep that smile plastered onto your face and eventually you will start to realize that no matter what you are going through you have so many reasons to be happy!

Count how many things from this list you have and think about how fortunate you are to have them!

  • A pair of eyes that work and help you see where you walk each day.
  • Two ears that can hear music, conversation, noise.
  • A brain that understands and comprehends.
  • Ten fingers that can type, grab hold of things, touch.
  • A mouth with a tongue and teeth that can taste and eat all the delicious foods there are.
  • A digestive system that works properly so you can go to the bathroom on your own.
  • Two feet that walk or run.
  • A house to live in.
  • Air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.
  • Washing machine and dryer to keep your clothes clean.
  • A school/camp to go to or a job to keep you busy and help you earn a living.
  • Money for necessities or luxuries.
  • Life itself.

When you think of the things you have that cannot be bought with money, you will realize how lucky you are to have them! Hashem gives you so many gifts on a constant basis - all He wants you to do is say thank you!

So when things are difficult and you are not sure where to turn, think about the things you have that you should thank Hashem for. Remember that He knows just what you need to help you become a better person - all the pain He puts you through is for a purpose. Perhaps it's so you can understand and help other people who go through similar tests in life and become more sensitive to their needs. Maybe you need to work perfecting on a certain middah and it can only be done if you are in the situation you were put into.

There are many reasons why Hashem puts people through hardships. You may never know the exact reason why you had to experience something. But what you do know is that Hashem has a good reason for every single thing He does even if you don't see it right now. Whatever you experience is for the ultimate good of your neshama. Hashem loves you and only wants the best for you!

May you always feel happy and content knowing that you have the most Loving Father taking care of you!

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