Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teshuva - A Poem

I posted this last year but wanted to share it with you once again.

Hashem gave us all a very special gift,
And with it each neshama can get a lift,
It has awesome powers and teshuva is its name,
And without it our lives just wouldn’t be the same.

I have the ability to get rid of my aveiros from the past,
And even turn them into mitzvos that forever will last,
But of course I must make sure to do it right,
The three step process will turn darkness to light.

Because my neshama is a diamond shining so strong,
And it gets darker each time I do something wrong.
So the first thing to do to make it shine once again,
Is to verbalize and say, “I’ve sinned against Hashem.”

I must specify the aveiros I did, say them all out,
Hashem hears when I say them, there’s no need to shout
Just by saying them all, one by one,
The first step of the teshuva process is already done.

The next step is charata, to sincerely feel in my heart,
That the aveiros I’ve done made me move far apart,
From my Father in Heaven who loves me so
He gives and gives and never says no.

How could I be so ungrateful and do the wrong thing?!
He does so much for me, He’s my father and my king,
I feel so embarrassed to have done what I did,
And I hope to improve this year and become a better yid.

Feeling bad for what I’ve done is step number two,
And in the third step I must be earnest and true,
I will do everything I can to make sure,
That I will not repeat these aveiros anymore.

I will try to figure out what was the cause,
Of my feeling of carelessness to Hashem’s precious laws.
Yes now is the time to work on planning ahead,
And through this my aveiros will turn into mitzvos instead.

For there is nothing in the world that could be greater,
Than when someone does teshuva out of love for his creator,
So let us all grab the chance while Elul is still here,
And through doing teshuva may we all have a beautiful year!

May you have a year full of every kind of beracha,
And may you always feel content and always be b’simcha,
May you be able to serve Hashem with all your heart and soul,
And may we meet in Yerushalayim, the Jewish nation as one whole!!


  1. Amen v'amen! thank you so so so much for putting this up! i love it so much! it realy got me now in the feeling of doing teshuvah! if my printer would work i would definitaly LOVE too print this out!
    question though..... is it possible that there are more than those steps? or are there those steps that lets say coulsd be five put in to 3?i realy have no like clue to it because i hadn't realy learned anything just yet being that school hadnt started yet...i guess thats one thing to look forward to school. only we probably wont learn so much being that schools start in a week and a half and rosh hashan is in 2weeks....
    im so happy that i could at least get the feeling from this blog, for without it i would not feel anything to boost me up to do teshuvah...
    toda raba raba! i could never thank you enough!

  2. Liat-I'm so happy to see you back here :-)

    It could be that the process of teshuva may take you more than these three steps but these are the main ones. Each step can be broken down into more catagories so you can work on it properly.

    For example, the first step is to say what you did out loud. So for one person, they can break it down like this:
    Think about what I've done
    Make a list on paper
    Say it out loud

    These three steps are like the basic outline - then the rest is how you personalize it and do it in a way that works best for you.

    I hope that we are able to give you lots of inspiration until school starts and then you will learn a lot in school before Rosh Hashana comes along! It's such a scary thought that it's so soon!!


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