Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You never know what someone can become!!


  1. wow this is really something else!! to imagine tht a gye who was not jewish at all even a complete black like you see all the time walking down the street humming to himself;) turning around his life... that def. can open up soo many ppls hearts to see that there is only one TRUTH! tht is the torah, if the outside world needs to tell us... they know what a treasure we own do we???? PLS THINK HARD ABT WHAT A GIFT HASHEM GAVE TO US....AND CHERISH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, that is so amazing! To see someone who changed his whole life around to become a Jew!!

    It helps us realize what a treasure we were given and we should appreciate the fact that we are Jewish and frum!!

    Thank you for this video!

  3. i feel so stupid next to someone who gave up EVERYTHING they lived for, and became frum! and me from a frum home B"H, has a hard time giving up my silly pleasures for yiddishkeit!
    anyone have any tips, to live an inspired yiddishkeit, while being born frum, and not having the struggle of having to give anything up?!?!

  4. WOW what can I say this clip was so amazing I feel so happy know after i watched the clip it's awesome.

  5. totally
    i have a small sugg. for you realize that you are sooo lucky tht you are frum and you do not have to give up anything to turn your life around!!
    if you could focus on being thank ful to hashem for the good things you have in your life and see how much bounty he gives you non stop!!
    if you could help someone out tht needs help either chai life line or a girl who needs a tutor.. or visit someone in a hospital.. these things make you feel like you are sooo lucky and you have soo much to give!!
    every time you give to someone it makes you feel soooo much better abt yourself!!
    so pls try it and let us know how it works!!!
    also sitting down for one min. or two min. before you go to sleep at night and tell hashem thank yo ufor all the things that worked out that day for you!! it feels soo goood he is such a good listener and he never interrupts you!!! and you know that he is the one who made it all work out!! being thankful to hashem is the first step to appricitaing life!!
    may you feel how lucky you are to have hashem in your life!!!
    catch his hug!!

  6. ok, chaya sara cani challenge you on that one?
    i agree 100% that when you give to others you feel better, you swell up and feel good.
    but that is not an appreciation for yiddishkeit, it is just a good feeling that you aquire by giving.
    isnt that right?
    2nd by thanking hashem before you go to sleep is very nice, you are admitting that everything is in hashem's hands and all. and yes he is very quiet and listens - but isnt a relationship TWO WAY?? its so hard to have a relationship with someone, who's way of giving is so subtle, and many times we cant understand the good behind all he gives us!
    like i should catch his hug, behind the smack!

  7. i liked that he still had a personality, that peace thing at the end-like he wasn't brainwashed or anything, but made his own choice.

    abt the relationship thing-i'm confused too. maybe it's not supposed to be a real, two way relationship-b/c of the reasons totally mentioned-but we just like to look at it that way cuz it feels better for us?...

  8. Just wanted to explain a little bit.

    Hashem, who created us and knows us best, also created a system in which we can get to know Him better and build a relationship with Him. The Torah and all that is written there is our guide to help us go onto that path and get to know Him better.

    One reason why you feel good after you give to someone is because you are satisfying your neshama. When you feel that special feeling after you helped someone out - it's because you were feeding your neshama! Just like you feel satisfied after you eat a good, healthy lunch, you will feel satisfied after you gave your neshama some good, healthy "soul food" and this is with any mitzvah.

    I don't understand exactly why you feel that its so hard to have a relationship with someone, who's way of giving is so subtle, and many times we cant understand the good behind all he gives us!
    because if you look around, Hashem gives us SO MUCH good!! Everything He does for us is good-He gives us so much bounty, we have comforts, we have pleasures, we have health, friends, family, money...(even if you don't have each and every one of those things-just having one of the things on that list is such a bracha!!) So thanking Him and talking to Him throughout your day will definitely help build a relationship with Him!! Because you are telling Him, "Thank you Hashem for making my day go well...for letting me do well on my test...for giving me such delicious supper...for making me healthy...for the gift of laughter and humor...for the fact that I have friends/family that love me..." All these things help - whenever you talk to Hashem, you are connecting to Him.

    And doesn't He do so much for you?! Even if you don't understand fully the reason behind every little thing that He does, you still owe EVERYTHING you have to Him! He gives you so much!! And if we understood the reasons why everything in this world happened, there would be no challenge for us to be good and follow Hashem! The fact that we don't understand it all makes it so much deeper and more special when we continue to do the right thing, despite our challenges and painful experiences!!

    I hope this helps you a little bit. Let me know what you think and if there's anything that still needs clarification.

  9. in the begining of the yr i learned this in chagim-or what u would call it here; and not im israel-yehadut. it might answer u a little as well.It took a few weeks to just learn this topic-con. w/ tzidaka so ill try to make it short and ill skip the whole tzidaka part....

    the more u give to s/o the more closer in friendship u get. This is why our parents i guess u can say loves us more than we love them-they do loads for us; hours on end(and some ppl. i know even take it 4 granted sometimes-b/e ppl. are so used to it that they dont even realize how hard they always try to do good 4 us and make us happy.)but what about those who dont have such a good relationjship w/ thier parents? those know that they would like them more if they go away...right?-when they are somewhere where they cant realy always c there parents and therefore no quarreling...even if lets say we go2 sleepaway camp,(like STERNBERG lol!)TYHERE is only good convorsations-right? but lets 4 ex. take a father w/ his son and a mother who lives somewhere els...after a while(few months/yrs depending on them)there wouldnt be much of a relationship w/ the mother but the father is always there for the son-and so they have one.

    Whats the dif. between Hashem and ppl. though, & the in relationship wise?
    Hashem hasa a big interest in us-he loves our tifilote, However ur not doing it 4 him-but ur self; Hashem is not getting anything? He just like listening to us and when we call; out to Hashem, he answers us(dont 4get that 4 every mitzvah we do-hashem is not getting but we are in this world and in the next.)
    But what happens if s/o9 turns away from Hashem chos vi shalom? Hashem puts him/her in a passishion that would make him call out to him-b/e he want our tifilote! could u imagen s/o making s/o els in a stage where they could conn. to them?Hashem is a genus!And this shows how much He cares 4 us 4 each and everyone of us in dividualy and as a whole!
    Hashem doesnt answer us by talking-cz we r not in that leval so he can anwer us either through showing u something, or by a shliach-meaning a different person could say s/t and would say it w/o realizing that he was suppost2! but what that person said either in a good way or bad; it was ment 4 us!
    in a good way, by 4 ex answering us or a commplament that s/o said or in a bad way-if s/o insults us, or hurts us phisicaly, or whatever anyone does 4 us, its from Hashem. that cud mean of course by a kapparah or a punishment. Not one thing that s/o does 4 us, or 2 us is not b/e Hashem wanted that 2 happen. It is then our job, if we were not able to control our reaction to say sorry or youl be punished. However s/o cant just go up to s/o and hurt them and say well, its not my fault but Hashem wanted me 2 do it...i hope i made my self clear on this 1...

  10. totally-
    u can also take upon ur self 2 do s/t everyday ex. perek shirah shmirat halasn or even just learning tzniut! good luck if u try it!

  11. i have to wonder. how does this guy deal with the racism that it inherent in the frum world? when he hears kids call him shvartzah? all these commenters who call him a tzaddik and are enthralled by his story, would they be just as enthralled if he was readt to their daughters as a shidduch? or to themselves? or would the tzidkus take a back seat then to is dark face? i think we need to do some soul searching.

  12. i just want to say this nimshal that i once learned in school:

    A father takes his loving son to a toy store -and the little boy says "Aba (Tatty,but im calling it Aba ok?LOL!)could i have this toy?" and the father says, "sure" and buys it 4 him. the father then takes the boy w/ him when he neads some tools, and the little boy asks, "ABA could i have this?" and the father say"sure!"and buys it 4 him. Then, the father takes his son to the shuck to get some things, and the little boy terns to ask his father,"Aba, could i have this nash?" and the father says, "sure", and gets it 4 him. After, the father walks out of the store he is carrying his son, on his shoulders, and the little boy asks "Aba where are u?" suddently the father throws him off his shoulders, and disapears.....

    we are also, constantly asking Hashem to give us things, and when He doesn't we turn away from Him, and we dont always thank Hashem 4 what we always have, we take it 4 granted.....

    so i think this could con. a bit w/ this: when we thank Hashem we build a closer realationship, b/e we realize more and more,of what good He always does us!Just like if we thank any parent, 4 anything that was nice that they do-and show appre. then they would feel always happier to give more-even if we are sharing s/t w/ friends, we feel good...right? and when they say thank you-just those 2 words; we feel like giving more, or giving again when they ask 4 something....right?so when we thank Hashem 4 s/t, i think He says s/t like"o! so and so, is starting to recognize what i always do, and is even talking to me to show there appre. im going to give them more....."

    just the two words" thank u" could make all the diff. in this wold, just like a smile at s/o could spread, on and on and on, or even a complament-we all feel so good and 1 mitzvah leads to another so i think if we all thank Hashem, He'll do more, and then we thank 4 that,And He'll do more....etc...its a cycle....and its used in both ruchniut and gashmiut things like water thats used over and over....etc...(besides 4 all things have some ruchniut to it-or we can at least decide what its used 4...etc..)

  13. BARUCH DAYAN EMES! He was shot and killed!

  14. Tamar-I heard the sad news too. We may not understand why these things happen but the fact that it is all part of a bigger picture and that the One running the show knows exactly what He is doing is the most comforting thought of all!

  15. What are you kidding! how could he be shot? he doesnt work in the army does he? what happened to him? when was this?

  16. Liat, yes it was a big shock for everyone who heard. He was shot in the store he worked at by a black guy. I think they are still looking for the suspect...It must have been really scary!
    You can read a little bit about him over here. It's an aish article and they wrote some things about how special he was.

  17. I cant believe that he has gone through so much in becoming a Jew! Even though i dont realy know him, just that clip that shows what he has changed into, shows a lot! It happens to be that i saw him once in flatbush he was jumping with such joy with this other Jew arm-in arm. i was at a first glance very impressed in just in the street seening that shows that he realy is an amazing person!
    May He rest in Peace!

    Devorah- thank you so much for putting that up-so that i was able to read about him!
    i just dont get who and why someone in a store would kill him?what happened to the girl he was dating? did she run out? call the police? what happened to her? wheres she at?

  18. apparantly the story as i read it was that a robber came in, asked for his girlfriend's jewelry. he stepped in and fought off the robber but was shot in the process

  19. Liat, yes, it's such a crazy story! We don't understand the ways of Hashem and I'm sure there is a good reason why this all happened. We have to take a lesson from Yosef Robinson's life and all he gave that we can become better people!

    I don't know any first hand details of the story so I wouldn't want to post things in a public place like this blog if I weren't able to verify exactly what happened. If you search for his name online, you might find more information on some news websites but I don't know exactly what happened and why whoever shot him did what he's such a crazy thing!

    The main thing we have to do instead of dwell on the past and the details of what happened is focus on the future-how we can change by learning from him and his life.


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