Monday, March 15, 2010

Rabbi klatzko's brother speech right before he was niftar at 28 yrs. WE MUST REMEMBER ALL HE TOOK WITH HIM WAS HIS MITZVOS... THATS ALL THAT GOES...


  1. Just wanted to tell you all that Rabbi Klatzko is speaking in Ohr Naava tonight at 8:00pm!!


  3. wishfull-yes, I'm serious!! You don't have to wish about it lol-just go to hear him speak!! :-)

    it's gonna be awesum!

  4. i just went onto ohr naavas website and the calender is not updated..where can i get an updated schedule?

  5. if i can find a ride i'd love to.but unfortanatly i dont drive yet :p

  6. yenta-is that you? If you are who I think you are (:-p), I can forward today's schedule to you, I got it as an email. You can sign up so you'll get Ohr Naava's updates directly in your inbox.

  7. wishfull-I hope you find a ride so you can go tonight cuz I'm sure it's gonna be really good! Rabbi Klatzko is an amazing speaker!

  8. nope! must be a different yenta! there are a rather lot of them these days aren't there???

  9. MIXED MESSAGES said...
    It’s so important to serve Hashem with simcha and ahava, and to realize that our neshama is not just here for Torah and Mitzvos, but for another purpose, a tikun. Our "baggage" and our challenges are here perhaps to force us into our tikun. Every test a jew has if for their good, because it brings you closer to fulfilling your tafkid. Hashem loves you, so He tests you, in order to bring you close to Him. The ways of Hashem are deep and we don’t understand them, But when a person realizes Hashem’s rachamim on them, and Hashems TREMENDOUS love.....Hashem is a compassionate and loving G/D! When a person realizes Hahems tremendous love for them, it helps them come close, and it makes them joyful and WANT to come close to Him. When a person goes through a hard time, if they feel Hashems love for them then it makes their challenge easier to face. It really bothers me that in school very often Judaism is portrayed so negatively. Time and time again i watch girl go off the derech. Sadly i watch the deep thinkers ask their intelligent questions and be told off for asking. I am so against so many of the teaching that we learn in my school. Learning in a negative way should not be something that is allowed. Hashem loves us. Hashem always loves us. Why can’t we learn that Hashem loves us??? How can any person possibly serve Hashem mae ahava if they don’t feel Hashem’s love? I wish that the Bais yaakov system (i am NOT referring to all schools) WOULD TEACH JUDAISM IN A WAY THAT WOULD INSTILL PRIDE. MOSHE EMES VESORASO EMES. our religion is true. If someone is going through a hard time, or is sick or has challenges-then there could be many reasons for it. maybe Hashem is doing it to bring them close to Him, or Maybe it is to be a kapara for klal yisroel, Its not correct to give over the message that if someone is sick then it is because they did avayros and they are getting punished. It’s not the only reason, and besides the point..Even if a person does get onesh-Hahsem is punishing a person out of ahava, Hahsem is punishing us to cleanse us and to bring us closer, not because Hashem hates someone that does an avayra ...learning in this way makes everyone feel worthless. Everyone is going to do an avayrah at some point in their life. And everyone has the opportunity to cleanse themselves and to do teshuva, and by doing teshuva we come closer to hashem then we were before we did the avaira!!!! HASHEM LOVES US! And the only way to possibly serve hashem properly is to realize that everything that hashem does is out of love for you. Hashem gave us the torah and mitzvos as a guide. By keeping them we will become close to hashem. And closeness to hashem is the greatest pleasure!! But if we learn all about how hashem dumps tzaros on us and someone who has it hard is because they are a bad person..Then someone who is going through a nesayon WONT WANT TO TURN TO HASHEM FOR HELP. PLEEEEEEAAAASE THIS TYPE OF LEARNING IS DESTROYING OUR PEOPLE. WE HAVE TO BE SO CAREFUL TO GIVE OVER A POSITIVE VIEW IF OUR PRECIOUS HERITAGE. Please is there a way to speak to the school so that they will change the learning to a more positive type of learning???

  10. Ohmygosh!! I just watched this now and I am amazed!!
    Is the voice in the background the voice of the one who was niftar? Wow, that was so incredible! We should take this message to heart and keep in mind that a person never knows when their last day will be so we should try to become better and closer to Hashem every day!!

    Thank you Chaya Sara for posting this!

  11. pretty scary that tahts him talking in the background

  12. I didn't get to watch the video yet but I just wanted to say that unfortunately I agree very much with "mixed messaged" I too am in a by school and wish someone could go out there and reform parts of the school system we need to gain an appreciation for yiddiskeit so one day iyH we can give it over to our children because we r livin in a generation of hester panim as it is and we knw as a klal that "doros holochos umismatos" so... But we should also definately try to focus on the positive aspects of the school system nowadays and one more thing personally I find that the kind of teacher ur describing is honestly part of the minority and nebech all those girls hu u say uve watched "go off the derech" very possibly may hav become like that because of so many different contributing factors not having support from frends family and classmates r probably a larger issue and many such girls r resistant to listen and r in denial so... Newayz in short basically I second wat she says and I wish someone would take the oppurtunity to Get involved I also knw after discussing it many times that there r soo many girls hu feel this way

  13. to: forwarding... and anonymous
    would you be able to talk to the principal or a teacher in your school, and tell them how you feel? Also, do you think that you're the only one in your school who feels that way, or maybe other friends too?

  14. this video shows me alott i have learned alot from it im really touched by this video cuz even though hes a very yung guy he still has soo much memoeies he didnt say im to young to become a "somebody"bec theses days ppl say that ohh im to young but no hes knowwn as a rabbi he grew in evry way and left the most greates memories so i really give him props for that *from a shelshelis student*

  15. to: luv613
    Talking to the school is not an option, I already tried.
    and i am not the only one who feels this way. There are a large group of girls that feel very strongly that something should be done. Also, i second anon- it is correct that it is not all teachers, rather a minority, but it really stings me to see how many girls are getting so hurt. And I already tried in a very very very vert very aidal and appropriate way tried going over to the teacher…and I myself am extremely disgusted in the response that I received. Please can someone who is in a position of chinuch come to the rescue??? Why would any hanhala member want to listen to little me??? I already tried to approach the teacher..And I am scared to approach anyone else. I know of 7 girls in my grade that feel as I do..But I would not be surprised if there were many more. I also know of a few others that are no longer in my school and although there may be other factors..i know that the attitude of the school turned them off. Please..all I want is to grow and to come close to hashem mae ahavah. I constantly go to shiurim and I try to grow and to become a better person, and I love learning. Chas veshalom, my school is not a bad school, and I love going to school, and we have teachers that are amazing. My school has such potential! But I can’t take it anymore….something has to change. I see old classmates from my school…girls that are off the derech...and I see them and I can’t help but cry. Please can someone who is in a position of chinuch do something?????????

  16. to mixed messages:
    i am in a high school now, and i too hav mixed feelings about my school. i do not agree with them on many issues. (maybe we go to the same school??!?!)
    but one thing i could tell you from experience, that yelling and screaming about how they do things, is not gonna change the situation, unless you tell someone on the HANHALA directly.
    you never know, maybe its your Tafkid, to point out to them something they are blinded to. it will probably take a lot of guts from you, but you will gain:
    1) CLARITY on the issue, as to why the school acts that way
    2) and you will FEEL BETTER, to get it off your chest!
    HATZLOCHA RABA--im rooting for you
    and btw - im not sure how old you are, but many a time (me included) teenagers get very intense and hooked into many ideas, and feel very strongly they are right in that area.
    but many times they are wrong and need guidance to show them where they are veering in this issue
    hatzlocha again.

  17. to mixed messages:
    It wasn't so clear from your post, but what exactly is it in your school that bothers you? like the whole mentality? Also, are there any teachers that you feel comfortable talking to?
    Although I am not in a postion of chinuch, I might be able to offer you some adivce, and I feel like if we had a conversation over the phone, it would be much easier. If you are interested, email me at

  18. a few things:
    1)i cant exactly hear what the person is saying w/ all the singing-is it at all possible to have another clip w/o the music? or have the main idea on this?
    2) i have commented on schools on the blog earlyer but i guess being that i commented a little late, noone really looked at it...i was really shocked (being that my class i guess all felt the same speshialness in davening-and therefore we neither interuppted s/o davening nor talk)when i went in to some schools and i c that some girls dont even bother to open up there siddur or they pretend that they r saying it when the teacher is there but they really dont-and most of these girls(im not saying e/o im just saying the girls THAT I KNOW dont have such an easy time in life-like i know of s/o who cant/couldnt sleep for nights on end b/e she could hardly go to the bathroom and it might close up-shes terrified but im so close to her and i just know that if i try explaing to her the meaning of davening or just ask her to say 1 bracha or 1 halacha a day-she wouldnt listen to whats the point? i do know of s/o whos friends w/ her and i asked her to tell this girl to just take apon her self one thing;instead of make-balieving that shes davening and she really isn't-she might as well instead of just looking and wasting her time to just look at her siddur, to REALLY SAY IT-JUST 1 THING CAN MAKE SUCH A DIFF. LIKE AN EVERY MIN. WE LEARN TORAH! but this girl is still not changing-and is just taking it(allowed to walk out of the classroom when ever she neads to go)4 granted-and even abusing it sometimes when she doesnt want to be in class.....
    im just shocked at not only this girl but many other girls-they abviously dont understand the power of tefilah, or they wouldnt be like this! we nead a speaker who has gone through the same thing-or it doesnt even have to be. i would tottaly speak-only whenever i do try telling ppl. off espeshialy when it comes to loshon hara you'd see either very few girls listening, or nobody-but i just continue to do this cuz i c some ppl. r saying they r not when they really r, ppl. started to not speak sp much around me, and also by the time i finish there is no reason to keep the speaking going-i just got them off topic so b4 i let them talk about whatever it is i pick up the 1st conversation that can come to my mind-WHICH USUALLY IS STERNBERG! if i cant talk about anything, ill chear!i dont like chearing but after a while ppl. tend to 4 get what they were saying!LOL!
    sorry 4 getting a little off topic...LOL!i tryed to talk to the principle about those who wanted to daven-to go to a dif. room but that cant always happen b/e ppl. cud b making noise in there or even just right outside the classrooms...but a few girls and i came up w/ the idea(or actually raizy w. 4 those that know her from sternberg)that we should pay 4 a speaker to come-which is what really nead! so anyone who knows one(or is a gr8 speaker themselves and is READING THIS-HINT, HINT!lol!) should call me or email me at


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