Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 10th

Tomorrow night, there will be an amazing event with speeches by Rabbi Orlofsky and Rabbi Wallerstein. It is something you do not want to miss!! Hope you are able to go!!

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  1. p.s. Rabbi Wallerstein announced you can use maaser money for the tickets.
    guys it's gonna be an awesome night of awesome inspiration...i'm so excited to be there!!!

  2. someone-if you are gonna be there, maybe I can try to arrange my schedule and come too?! Hmmm...let me see...


  3. i'm gonna be there....u coming?
    glad you figured me out:}

  4. someone-'course I figured you out, funny!

    It doesn't look like I'm gonna be coming. But maybe I'll surprise you?! I doubt it...

  5. is there way to get the speech online (because it was recorded)?

  6. OMG! s/o from machon just told me about it! if i would have nown earlyer i would have come:( i hope whoever went enjoyed it-or is still enhjoying it....LOL! please, ccan u tell us a little about it? so that we can just get a little idea?
    its too bad that i couldnt c u in my own old scholl though...LOL! i do hope though that another opportunity would come where i could c all of u!(besides 4 the2 times i saw u this yr. s/o...)

  7. who are you liat?

    it was incredible. i got there a little late jus cuz of timing, so i missed some of rabbi wallerstein's speech. i'm gonna email some stuff to devoiry or chaya sara to post. chaya sara, you were there the whole time?
    a/o who was there, please feel free to fill in.

  8. someone-you are too good! Thanks for emailing the little snippets of the speeches to me!
    Do you want to post the speech as a comment or do u want me to make it into a sep. blog post? Cuz if it's gonna be a new post, I'll need a little more info before I put it up here...K let me know! :-)

  9. s/o
    im liat, what do u mean who i am? im a girl. any other perscription a about me that you want?who r u.....llllllllooooooooooollllllllll! k this is too funny!i cant stop laughing! what kind of conversation is this!LOL!


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