Friday, March 5, 2010

Shabbos - A Honeymoon with Hashem!

What is so special about Shabbos?
Shabbos is a day in which you can reach great spiritual heights. If you use the day correctly, you can come so much closer to Hashem.

Shabbos is a reminder to each and every one of us that Hashem created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. All week we are busy with so many things-school, work, family and we are distracted by all the things around us - cell phones, computers, music and so once a week Hashem says, I want you to stop with all those distractions and focus on me! Take the time to think about how you can connect to me on a deeper level! Put away your cell phone, turn off your computer and come, let us spend some time together!

On Shabbos, we stop doing all those things we are busy with during the week and use the time we have to get to know Hashem better. It is a day when we sit around the table, learn about the parsha, sing beautiful and uplifting songs, spend family time and connect to Hashem. It is a day we use to strengthen our emunah in Him.

Hashem created the world and continues to watch over each and every one of us. Don't you think He can also solve every one of your problems, no matter how big or small they may seem?

R' Shimshon Pincus zt"l says that the relationship between Hashem and bnei yisroel is like a husband and wife. Shabbos is like the honeymoon. Imagine if a husband and wife both work full time and all week they are too busy to spend time together but once a week they go to a hotel. They walk into their hotel room and all of a sudden the husband's cell phone rings. The wife says, "Put away your cell phone! I want to spend time with you!!" This is shabbos. Hashem says, on this special day, I want to be with YOU so get rid of your distractions so we can spend time together.

Reading things on Shabbos that you should not be reading is like the husband picking up his cell phone when he is in the hotel - about to spend special time with his wife! Hashem says to all of His children, today is a special day! It is our day so let us use our time together to the fullest!! We are on our honeymoon now!!

When Shabbos begins, Hashem gives each of His children a kiss. It says in shir hashirim - yishakeinu mineshikos pihu - I am giving you a kiss. A kiss is something that can only be given to one person at a time. A hug - you can hug a few friends at once (remember in high school, those group hugs?!) but a kiss is something personal. A parent cannot kiss two children at the same time. A kiss represents that special relationship of one-on-one. On Shabbos Hashem tells us - you are my only child and I want to have a personal connection to you - a connection that no one else in the world is part of because I want it to be just me and you!! This is how we enter Shabbos - we start with a kiss from Hashem!! What could be more delicious than that?!

Shabbos is a day where we are in the shechina's embrace! It is a day where you can connect to Hashem on the most special levels. The first thing that you have to do is remember and acknowledge that today is Shabbos. Because if you don't know that Shabbos is here then how could you treat it properly?

Imagine if your parents were coming to visit you for a few days. When they knock on your door, you should greet them with a hug and sit down with them so you could spend time together. So imagine if when they were to walk in, you would tell them to sit down and make themselves comfortable while you finish baking the cake you want to serve them. Your parents would say, "Please, stop baking the cake and come sit down with us! I didn't come here to eat, I came to spend time with you. If you wanted to serve some cake, you should have had it ready for when we walked in the door! Now that we are here already, forget the cake and come sit with us in the living room and tell us how you've been!! We want to spend time with you!!"

This is what Hashem says to us. When Shabbos comes, Hashem is here to "visit" us and spend time with us. We should try to be ready for Him! The two minutes before shabbos should be spent waiting for our special guest - the Shabbos Queen, the Shechina - that's who is coming to our house!

Let's try to think about Who our special guest is and remember that when we have such a special visitor, we should try to prepare and be ready for when that guest arrives!!


  1. devoiry that was a beautiful, and made hashem's coming on shabbos so much more tangible!

    im really going to try now to be ready for this shabbos at the zman, and not at 18 minutes...

    so thanks for awakening my soul))
    and have a great shabbos

  2. :O that is such ultimate Hashgacha Pratis! i planned on my good shabbos talking about shabbos representing a marriage and here's the information for me on a silver platter! mitzvah goreret mitzvah! i had just copied notes for my friend so Hashem had Devoiry provide me with notes on Shabbos!!! thank you!!

  3. my shabbos started so much nicer, being dressed and ready, when the siren rang!
    thanks again

  4. to-Thank you so much for your comment! It means so much to me when I see that someone took what I wrote to heart and acted upon the inspiration!! May you be able to continue being inspired always!!

    Ta-Thanks! I'm happy to have been the one to give you the information you needed!
    Shabbos is such a special time, I hope to be able to write more about it's greatness in the future!

  5. what does it mean to spend time with hashem on shabb???? how do you that ok so my family sings some songs a nice dvar torah and then what?? how is this a wedding or honey moon or a connection i totally dont get it!! pls help me understand????????????
    thanks soo much for your outstanding ideas i jst dont get how to do this one...

  6. i rllly like what you wrote i jst dont get how this all works what does it mean to spend time with hashem???? what do you mean by honeymoon.. wedding.. we sing some songs and eat some food whst is so great abt that?? it does not feel anyhting major at all!! pls help me understand!

  7. devoiry dont thank me... you are the totally awesome one here

  8. I'm with MEEEEEEE... really working on feeling more connected to Hashem on shabbos, but practically speaking, even though I'm a shomr shbs yid and i really WANNA feel closer to Him, i find myself not feeling particularly close to Hashem on shabbos... any tips??

  9. Similar to what meeeeee and shnooky wrote, what is it that really defines that our shabbos is one that builds our relationship with Hashem?

  10. So to explain just a little bit (I will try to post more about this in the future iy"h), what does it mean to spend time with Hashem and build a relationship with Him on Shabbos? And why is Shabbos any different than any other day of the week?

    On this special day, when there are less distractions, we can connect to Hashem on a deeper level. One way to do this is to go out of your way to make this day more spiritual. For example, you can read a book on a topic that will enhance your appreciation for yiddishkeit. You can read a hashkafah book or something on the Parsha. There are so many books out there-in English-that you can read! Let me know if you want any suggestions.

    You can say some extra tehillim with a tehillim that has the meaning of the words inside it (such as an interlinear one). The tehillim is so incredible, saying it with proper concentration and thought can really help you connect to your Loving Father more!!

    You can do an extra mitzvah - such as visiting someone who is elderly or sick or volunteering to help a family through Chai Lifeline.

    You can make it your business to help your own family out more on Shabbos-babysit your younger siblings so your mother can rest.

    You can go to a speech on a topic that you feel you need chizuk in.

    You can learn something with your friend(s) that will help answer some of the questions you had.

    Anything that you do on Shabbos that will enhance and improve your spiritual level is connecting to Hashem in a very deep way. That is how you spend time with Hashem-by learning His Torah and doing His mitzvos.

    I hope this helps and let me know what you think!!


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