Saturday, June 5, 2010

Who Am I? A Video


  1. luv-Glad you liked.
    Thanks for your comment-it lets me know that someone watched it and enjoyed it too!

  2. Devorah-
    thanx so much for putting this up!i just want to tell you that i do try to read, and see everything you put up, but i dont always comment on them because either the comment would be too long,and i dont realy have time(studding as i said b4),or because i could be on this blog for a long time, but there is always a limited time i could be on-its a rule that i have to keep-and talking about this rule, i think im kinda on this blog for than 5hours reading everything-i was just about to go off when i see only2 ill tell youy what i think about this 1 fast-b4 my brother, comes back because he has been waitn 4 this computer for a while...
    i love the way this was all put together,a nd saying that its not realy who someone is like by job, but rather on the inside-witch tottaly reminds me of Machon!LOL! They only except girls from the inside of them!LOL! it6 happens to be that i remember i only got excepted to tyhat school-the afternoon b4 school started. i didnt even show them my good marks-they just had an interveiw with me, asked how i was from Mrs. Leiberman-(the mother who i worked 4 as a mothers helper this passed summer) and the school i went to last year to see if i was a good girl,and io was in!:)
    the only thi8ng i didnt realy get was-that its not our name that defines who we r-because i thought it was just like in shimote it clearly says that the only things bnai yisroel kept was the clothes, food, and! i forgot-it sliped out of my head but i know there was for sure something els-whatever... so then-ya i remember now how silly am i to for get! its clothes, food and names! and our Jewish names defines us as someone speshial with a jewish name-no? irf so then why isn't it our name that tells us who we r?
    thanx inadvanced-

  3. Liat-Your question is a good one! I think it's trying to say that our names are definitely important and can reflect who we are but there's more to it. You are not just your name! You are a person with depth and with a neshama who can do so much. Don't just focus on your name because that's not the whole picture. You are reflected by the good things you do and the impact you make on other peoples lives. That's what's important-how you live your life in a positive way and influence other people to do good things and make a kiddush hashem wherever you go.

    Hope that answers your question!


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