Friday, June 18, 2010

Every action that you do makes a difference

Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect
so watch this short inspirational idea and let us know what you think!!! then we will add more if you explain why you think this is imp. to share!!


  1. Wow... that was incredible! Its always good to be reminded that what you do has an effect... the good you do can create worlds... and the bad... well, let's focus on the good!
    Every action matters!

  2. my principal always shows us videos from SimpleTruths. It's a fantastic site although sometimes it can be very esoteric without giving concrete ways of manifesting the positive ideas. It is so so so important to take action and initiative and make a difference. Hashem speaks to us through His Hashgacha and will keep on sending you the message until you get it and work on it. Don't wait for the 4th time something happens to take action about it. And every person was created with a purpose and it may not be the purpose of "someone else" to take the initiative, but yours, and then if you don't do it, it won't get done and life will just continue on the same path. Changing the world can only start with one stand to make a difference.

  3. That is so beautiful! Thank you so much for posting this!!
    It is so important to always remember how every little thing we do really counts and is important and we can make a difference in other peoples lives!!

  4. wow!! this is sooo cool!! i totally love this site!! its sooo full of positive thoughts.. it clarifies things for you!!!

  5. i couldnt see uit-4 some reason i cant exactly get to it...

  6. that was a very nice video...
    thanks for boosting our self-esteems ;)


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