Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Beauty of Creation

My friend from Switzerland sent me most beautiful picture I have ever seen. When I saw it, I almost couldn't believe that it was real! She took it this past Sunday while she was benching at a lake in the mountains.

This was my reaction to her email: ohmygosh! is this picture real? it almost looks fake it's so beautiful!! Wow, Hashem really created such beauty in this's unbelievable!!thanks for sending this pic to me!!

I asked her to tell me a little bit about the place she took the picture and this is what she said:

It's only about an hour away from Zurich. The place is called Engelberg and the mountain we went to is called Titlis. We didn't even go all the way up. We only went until the station called Truebsee. See it's a lake, so that's the picture.

I was totally amazed by this picture because it is so, so beautiful! Look at it yourself and tell me, is it not stunning?!

Look at the lake with the mountains in the background. How magnificent is that?!

Hashem created the most beautiful world for us to live in. There are so many places to go where you will see the most incredible sights in the world. We are so lucky to be able to see it all. And why was it put into this world? So when we see it, we will remember Who created such a stunning place for us to live in and thank Him!

Ma Rabu Ma'asecha Hashem - Thank you Hashem for all the beautiful sights for us to see in this world!


  1. Such a beautiful picture. I love Spring, when the trees and ground become alive with color, leaves and flowers and Fall is also breathtaking. Hashem really created a stunning world.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Nature, for most of us, really bring us closer to Hashem.

  3. That is beautiful. The lake and the mountain just gorgeous. So much scenary out there like lakes, waterfalls, mountains, the waves on the beach, bright forests and so on. Even on my block, we have beautiful trees. I like to takes pics of it. Also, pics of plants sparkling with water.


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