Friday, June 25, 2010


My friend sent this unbelievable story to me and I wanted to share it with all of you.

People tend to be skeptical when it comes to this but it happened to MY family so I know it's true. My mother isn't the type at all to have weird thoughts or whatever...I'm telling you, if you'd know my mother, you'd know she's not this "spiritual" person. She was even embarrassed to repeat this story because she realizes how hard it is to believe...but when you read this story you will see the hashgacha so clearly!

The story began when my family went to Eretz Yisrael in the year 2001 for Yom Kippur and Sukkos. My older brother, who was learning in Yeshiva there was able to arrange through an acquaintance for us to daven in R’ Elyashiv’s minyan on Yom Kippur. It was a very uplifting experience for us to daven with the Gadol Hador on the holiest day of the year, and to have our tefilos go up to the Kisei Hakovod together with R’ Elyashiv’s.

11 Months Later, Erev Rosh Hashanah:

One night, my nephew, Menachem, a one year old, was not acting himself. His hand was red and swollen and he was very lethargic. His parents assumed it was because he fell off a chair that day and figured he had injured his hand in the process. He was running a fever too but his parents thought it was because he was teething. In any case, they called the doctor. The doctor said that it wasn’t urgent and that they can wait until the morning to take care of it. My mother, having a Bubby’s intuition, begged my brother to go to the emergency room right away. They listened and after my nephew was examined they were told that he had a very dangerous inflammation called necrotizing fasciitis. The doctors told them that had they waited overnight, it could have spread to the heart and been fatal, chas v’shalom. Even if hadn’t spread to the heart at that point, he would have been at a severe risk of losing his hand chas v'shalom. Menachem had a few emergency surgeries to remove the infection and puss that had accumulated in his hand.

During that time period, my mother, Menachem’s grandmother, had a dream. In the dream, my mother saw R’ Elyashiv (the face wasn’t R’ Elyashiv, but in the dream she knew it was) looking very upset and he told her that one of her sons is using a shaver that has a razor in it and he will be punished for it. Immediately the next morning, my mother approached all her sons about it including Menachem’s father and asked them if they are using a shaver with a razor in it. Menachem’s father said that he had recently bought a new shaver in a Jewish frum store and they reassured him that they had removed the razor. My mother begged him to please check again and sure enough the razor was still inside the shaver! He took care of it immediately.

Unbelievably, the Doctors had been saying that Menachem would need to be hospitalized for at least another 2-3 weeks. Suddenly, right after he took care of his shaver, the doctor walked in and said that Menachem is fine and he was to be discharged that very same day!

Boruch Hashem Menachem fully recovered and is a smart, active nine-year-old today. Aside for the scars on his hand, he doesn’t remembering anything from his near brush with death.
In the zechus of the Tzaddik, our Menachem was saved!

This story shows you that you never know how your actions can have an affect on someone else-and how mitzvos really do protect us. Although we may not understand the reasons why we do certain mitzvos, they are important to follow through all the way, with every little halacha! You see that my friend's brother's mitzvah had an affect on his own son's health and on his life!! Another lesson to take from this story is that our gedolim are protecting us and watching out for us all the time! Wow!!


  1. Thank you! This is a really amazing story :-).

    Good Shabbos.

  2. A similar idea:
    I think I once heard that every time you say amen to a bracha, a malach is created to protect klal yisrael from harm!

  3. I'm glad you all liked this story. Although it is not my own, I am happy to have been able to spread the inspiration!

    luv-I heard that the gematria of amen is the same as the gematria of malach!! (aleph, mem, nun = 91 and mem, lamed, aleph, chaf = 91!) How cool is that?!


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