Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is Real Beauty

This is sent from a web site called Guard your eyes. Although it was posted once before, I think it is important to read now that the summer is here and there are so many temptations to look at things we shouldn't.

Sometimes when we're out there in the big world surrounded by all the temptations wherever we seem to look, we cry out in our hearts "Dear Hashem , where are you? I can't see you, I can't feel you! All I see is a beauty of a different kind, wherever I look!"...

But then the answer comes to our hearts from Hashem, "My son, does there exist any beauty besides me? I am in the beauty you see as well!" For Hashem is indeed everywhere, and He - and only He - is the source of all beauty. The beauty that we see and crave here on this world is truly only a mere shadow of a manifestation of Hashem's beauty. We need to train our minds to realize that there are no two types of beauty. There is only one source of beauty in the world.

But, Hashem has decreed that in order to merit perceiving His true beauty, we must first learn to turn our eyes away from the physical beauty that is only His creation, and instead turn our hearts to Him - to the SOURCE. In His great wisdom, Hashem determined that only one who is ready to give up the physical manifestations of Hashem's beauty should be worthy of experiencing the true beauty of Hashem's - in a much more sublime way.

If you take a look at a precious little 3yr. old, who just got his upsherin, think about how lit up his face is!! Why? Because he was just carried out of yeshiva wrapped up in a tallis, feeling the sweetness of Hashem's torah enveloping him! Are you getting that warm feeling!!

Every small mitzvah that we do, lights up our neshama and that light radiates from our faces!

Now lets take look at a 3yr. non-Jewish little boy coming out of public school, does his face light up???

I think you can now understand the true meaning of beauty,and the concept that real beauty is only from Hashem!!

May you be zoche to look into Hashem's magnificent world and find his signature of true beauty!

When we see beautiful things we must remember this beauty is from Hashem!!

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