Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm a Millionaire!!

No, I didn't win the lottery! It's just that I wanted to share an incredible thought with you. And once you come to this realization, you can also be a millionaire!

I once heard this from a speech from R' Shimshon Pincus. It was so amazing and I wanted to tell it to you because I think you can all gain from it! I'm not sure if it's exactly what he said or if some of my own thoughts are mixed in while I'm writing it, but either way, it's good to hear...

He was talking about bitachon and trusting in Hashem and that everything comes from Him. So he was saying that what's the difference between me and the millionaire? The millionaire has tonz of money in the bank. He doesn't even use it all every single day. The fact that his money is sitting in the bank is what makes him a millionaire. But can he depend on his money? From one minute to the next, Hashem can do anything that will make him lose his money. But me, I'm even richer than the millionaire because I have Hashem! And Hashem has all the money in the world! I don't have the worries that the millionaire has, what if this happens, what if that happens, because I know that as soon as I need the money, Hashem will provide me with it! And if I do not need it, I wont have it!! It's that simple!! (Halevei it should be that simple for us, but for R' Pincus, it was so clear!)

It's such an amazing thing, to be able to live with this level of emunah!

Also, the difference between me and the millionaire is the money that's in the bank. It's not that he needs the money that minute so it's really all in the head because as long as the guy knows his money is in his bank account, he's happy, he knows he has it. But if someone would tell him that he lost all his money, even if he had no need for it, he would get so upset!! Why? Because his money isn't in his account anymore! Did he need that money? Not that minute! He just needed to know that the money was there!! He might want it for the future but if he worked on his trust in Hashem, he would know that as soon as he needs the money, He will get it in a way that only Hashem knows!! And so we should remind ourselves that Hashem knows exactly how much money we need at all times! He has more money than all the million & billionaires!! And as soon as you need the money, as soon as Hashem feels you need the money, you will have it!

I remember learning in seminary about the passuk in tehillim, "mizmor l'dovid, Hashem ro'ee lo echsar" - Hashem is my shephard, I am not missing out on anything. This means that: whatever I have I need and whatever I don't have, I don't need. A person should tell themselves this all the time because we need this reminder. If I have it, I need it and if I don't have it right now, I don't need it!!

It's such an important thing to keep reminding ourselves! Tell it to yourself again and again!! You have whatever you need! Hashem knows you best, He knows your needs and wants and as soon as you need it, you will have it!

(This is talking about things that you cannot change, for example, the family you were born into and thing like that. Many things can be changed through tefillah.)

This is not only with money, it's with many other things and we can use this lesson for everything and anything. Hashem knows what you need and He has reasons for each thing He puts you through!!

May you be able to live every day of your life with the knowledge and realization that everything comes from Hashem, He can do anything and may you be able to strengthen your faith in Him more and more each day!


  1. TY Devorah, I love Rabbi Pincus. S/T I think we live in our minds more that anywhew else...so so powerful what you're saying.

  2. Yes, R' Pincuz zt"l is one of my favorites, if you notice from a lot of my posts. :)
    Glad you enjoyed!


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