Monday, June 28, 2010

The Three Weeks

We are about to start the Three Weeks-the time between Yud Zayin Tammuz and Tisha B'av. It is interesting that this time starts and ends with a fast day-a day we do not eat food at all. Why?

I'm coming up with this answer on my own so I can't quote any source but I think a big part of it is that when we refrain from eating it gets our brains working and we can try to THINK a little bit. Instead of focusing on food (which we do a lot on a regular day, breakfast, snack, drink, snack, lunch, drink, snack, drink, supper, snack, drink, midnight snack?!), we can focus on other things, things that really matter. When we think, we we can ask ourselves some important questions and hopefully come up with some answers.

What happened during this time that we make so many changes in the way we act? We stop listening to music and we don't make weddings because these things bring us joy and now's a time to focus on what we are missing so we can try to bring it back!

This is the time when the bais hamikdosh, Hashem's house was destroyed. It was a place where we were able to achieve total clarity and connection to Him. We don't even begin to understand what we are missing!

Just think about how much we need moshiach! Focus on it for a few minutes. Imagine, there will be a clarity of understanding like never before. Children who left the path of Torah will
want to come back! Those who are missing that important love and appreciation for yiddishkeit will finally get that amazing feeling in their hearts that this is the most beautiful and precious gift they ever could have gotten-the Torah and the life that goes along with it! We will get answers to our questions in a way we have never heard before-with a new level of understanding!

Instead of anti-semitism, the non-Jews will respect us and look at us in awe. They will want to do anything they can to help us - the Chosen People!

There is so much pain in this world. Rejection. Arguments. Confusion. Stress. Anger. Loss. Sickness. Poverty. Imagine when it will all be GONE!

And it will be replaced with all the beauty and happiness we've been hoping for! Sunshine. Light. Love. Joy. Acceptance. Excitement. Clarity. True happiness!!

What can
YOU do to make this day we are waiting for come closer?

You can smile at people as you pass them in the streets. You can be friendly to the cashier when you pay for your purchases. You can hold the door open for someone as they walk through with their packages. You can help your parents take care of your siblings. You can be pleasant to your neighbors and coworkers. Call your friend to say hello and let her know you've been thinking of her... there's so many things you can do to make the world a happier place-just open your eyes!!

You have extra time on your hands? There are so many organizations who need volunteers to help them out. Make the call - offer your help. The reward for this cannot be imagined!

We are all waiting for this day to arrive! Each of you have the power to make this day come closer!! Search deep within your hearts and find a way you personally can do something to bring moshiach one step closer...because we really need this day to come!


  1. I also once heard that through fasting, questions arouse within us. Why are we fasting? What needs to be changed? etc. It is important for us not to look at a fast like a regular day and to chas vashalom "kill time." We should all try to be careful to use these moments properly like by doing teshuvah.
    p.s. thank you for the post!

  2. devorah-
    funny that you m4ntion that about food cz i actualy never do eat so much-maby just a milk-shake and then soup 4 supper at the end or something like that!LOL! its only after i actualy eat that makes me think-because im not hungry at all when it comes to fasting-everthing is just messed up!LOL!
    thanx so much posting this tho-i hadnt have hyad a lot of inspiration for a while so im glad to be back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG! maby ill continue this later because my mother has a client now(shes a socolagist-dont know how to spell!LOL!

  3. we just learnt this year in chumash that when eating and drinking it is a prone time for the yetzer hara to attack. so there is a mikar to what you wrote devorah!
    thanks for this write up om the 3 weeks... its so hard to stay inspired over the summer smts.

  4. luv-so true. Thank you for your comments!

    Anon-as long as you got to think it's all good!

    totally-thanks, I'm so happy you are able to stay inspired through this blog!


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