Friday, June 11, 2010

Spoken Words

The spoken word is a powerful thing,
Whether uttered by a pauper, an actor, a king,
For each word has meaning that to it is unique,
Your words are a part of you that take wings when you speak.

Whether whispered very softly or hurled in a shout,
A word is unstoppable once it’s let out,
When you part with a word you can’t take it back,
It flies to its intended, its full meaning intact.

A word can be a healing thing,
A word can make a sore heart sing,
Giving relief, hope and courage to those in tears,
Building bridges between strangers, dispelling all fears.

But a word can be a pain-giving thing,
It can cut, it can hurt, it can deeply sting,
And both speaker and listener, regret and shame,
For the bond that was, will never be the same.

A word once spoken is a life enhancing tool,
But a weapon of destruction in the mouth of a fool,
Weigh your words carefully, release them with thought,
For words that take flight, can never be caught.

Written by Cheryl Kupfer


  1. Devorah-
    this is an amazing amazing, amazing, AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIING thing!!!!!!!!!!i love this poem so much that i even printed it out so i can show others!di you make tghis up?
    its so true though because there are so many times that if someone even said something to me it wasa very insulting, how it was said, or if it was said all together!!!!!!!! even the word shut-up an make someone feel really bad-and not everyone realizes it...!
    thanx so much for posting this on!
    p.s this is so amazing that i even have some proof ghere! the word verification thing that i have to type the letters thats shown below into the box has the word-fashatic-wich is another way of saying FANTASTIC!LOL!

  2. I'm not the author of this poem-someone gave it to me and I wanted to share it here. I put the author's name on the bottom of the post-it's written by Cheryl Kupfer.

    I'm so happy you liked this poem and printed it out to share with your friends-it's so true how words are so powerful!!


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