Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is an incredible remake of kriyas yam suf.. the same craziness is happening now! only turning to hashem for eveything we need will save us!!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! Yes we have to only turn to Hashem for everything we need- and Hashem will save us!!!!!
    By the way I just have to congratulate the both of you!
    The site meter reached another milestone- It's over 21,500 views. Wow!!!
    May you continue keeping up your amazing blog and continue spreading chizuk to everyone and May Hashem shower you with so much more bracha!!!

  2. Woah this is such a great video!

    It's so true, we have to just turn to Hashem and realize that only HE can save us! The nations can plan all they want but nothing happens without Hashem willing it so. With our faith in Him, we will be able to go through anything!

    Anon-thanks!! Keep spreading the word...!


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