Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hashem is with us even in the hardest times!! If he could believe then how much more so should we!!


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Shabbat Shalom!

  2. Wow it's so inspiring to see how someone going through such a hard time to keep strong in their belief that HASHEM IS STILL THERE at all times holding your hand through thick and thin! It gives me (and i am sure all those who are watching this) such chizuck to go on when Klal Yisroel are going through so many hard Nisyonos and challenging tests and still in all to keep your Emunah strong!
    It's so true when he said-In every situation and in every ordeal or nisayon Hashem is there- so many times- when a person looks at his/her situation and daily dealings and trys to look for Hashem he/she can definetely find Him!!
    Keep on seeking out Hashem in your daily and you WILL find Him!!
    !! :) Experiened first hand:) !!
    Thank you Chaya Sara for sharing!

  3. ELI$HEVA SHNOOKYY WEINSTEIN, thats who ;)March 13, 2011 at 12:50 AM

    well look who the tide washed in!... welcome back chaya sara, its nice to see ya here ;)

  4. we had a yom iyun and we watched this after a holocaust movie.... it all hit us, its crazy how some do go through it-however other don't. we dont know what goes on other ppls lives and this ust shows how we have to treat everyone like more speshial-and with a lot more ahavat yisroel.there are many times when there are ppl who aren't so nice to each other-then a tragady can comme and they feel so sorry and guilty, and its too late to ask for michilah-if only they knew in the 1st place....thats an answer we may use a lot-but Hashem has his ways, and reasons for every thing. if we take this in and treat a day like "a last chance" on this world-and for ex. say sorry even though they were wrong...etc... then we would have much scar-and will be adverting many obstacles that Hashem gives us-we'll pass it.....

    am i clear here or not really?its ust hard to sometimes express everything in writting.....

  5. btw that last yair isn't yair-its!sorry!(his in the middle of his email and i just went on this blog-dont worry he doesn't ever come on here-only since his email is here-his name came up!lol!

  6. Woah that is such a good video and a great song!

    Thanks Chaya Sara for posting this!

    It's inspiring to see someone display their full and complete trust in Hashem even while going through such hardships!!

    Liat - that's so true. We shouldn't wait until it's too late to ask for mechillah and we should try to be good to people while we still have a chance!

  7. wow! my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks before i watched this video and it was starting to be really really serious. she was very old and it was dangerous to have kimo cuz her body couldnt handle it. it was a loose loose situation -kimo would kill her, but by doing nothing the cancer cells would kill her. anyways i watched this video and through the past few weeks ive been living by it. after every time my parents updated me on the worsening situaltion i would just sing the courus of this song and i knew hashem was with us, running the show, and whatever happened would be the ratzon of hashem!!!

  8. wow! i was so amazed at how such a young boy could have so much faith in god. i who am not sick, doesnt even have half as much faith as this boy does. i have no words to express myself

  9. 1st Anon-that is amazing that you are able to get such strong emunah from this song. I hope your grandmother has a refuah shelaima and your family gets to see real miracles!!

    2nd Anon-It's not something that happens overnight. It takes work and even more work to strengthen your emunah...hope you get to that level some day! Asking questions and getting answers should help somewhat!


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