Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purim Poem

Here's the poem I'm attaching to my mishloach manos.
Purim is a day of great celebration
Because we as Jews merited a miraculous salvation
We were in danger of being completely wiped out
But HaKadosh Baruch Hu heard our cries and our shouts

It was in the zechus of our tefillos and the teshuva that we did
That Hashem spared us from destruction-each and every yid
Let's take the message from the Purim Story deep inside our hearts
And try to work on fixing something-it's never too late to start

Sometimes we get distracted by costumes and themes
But let's not forget the nes purim and the lesson that it brings
Let's strengthen our resolve to daven with more concentration
And ask Hashem to redeem us-the entire Jewish Nation

Just like the yiddin in Shushan saw a big miracle in their times
Let's hope for a nes purim in our very own lives.
Let's all daven and beg for this galus to end
When Moshiach ben Dovid, Hashem will finally send!

Please note, if you found this poem and are planning to use it for personal use, I would appreciate if you can email me or leave a comment to let me know. 
Thank you.


  1. BEAUTIFUL POEM! And it definitely brings out the purpose of Purim! It's true- we should not get distracted from all of the fun. And we should remember the unbelievable nes Purim and the lesson it brings!!!
    100% true!!!!

  2. Really unbelievable and meaningful poem! Thanks so much! And Yes- as we celebrate and are enjoying Purim, we should have in mind the great nes that took place! and great line about hoping for a nes Purim in our days!!! You neva eva Know!!!!

  3. Amazing poem!
    Sounds like the recipients of your shlach manot are really fortunate!!! :)

  4. great poem-teaches a real purim lesson-not like the ones that teach all- the-nosh-you-can-fit-into-a-mhaloch-manos.thanks for sharing this important purim message.

    also,there should be a line before the hashem will finally send.

  5. Anon-thanks. Yes, Purim is a fun day but we need to focus on the message behind it to make it a meaningful day as well!

    smily-I'm still hoping for a miracle in our days...and soon!

    SG-They just got the regular nosh and chocolate, but if they take the lesson of the poem to heart, then and only then are they lucky!!

    nechama-thanks for pointing that out-I fixed it.

  6. great poem. I will bezrat Hashem use it this year. thanks for sharing! i will put this website on card to give credit. purim sameach!

  7. Very nice. we intend to use this poem this year.

  8. I like this poem very much. Might use it this year. Thanks!

  9. I will use this poem for my students.

    1. Thank you for letting me know you will use this poem for your students. That makes me so happy to hear!

  10. I will Beezrat Hashem use it for shalach Manos,))Thank you!!))

  11. Beautiful poem! Might want to use it!

  12. Elisheva, I got your message and sure, you can use this poem for your mishloach manos this year. Thank u!

  13. Hi Devorah,
    Can I use this for my Shalach manos and must I say it in your name?

  14. Hi Shira,
    Sure you can use my poem. If you'd like to link to my blog or use my name that would be nice but it's okay if you don't.
    Hope ur Purim will be happy and meaningful!

  15. Hi Devorah, I came across this poem and think my students would love to read it. Would you mind me using it for their mishloach manos?

  16. Sure!
    How old are your students?

  17. I am copying this poem to inspire my students to write their own. It is lovely!

  18. I hope it’s ok if I use a few lines from your poem to apply it to my poem. Please let me know if not


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