Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pesach Cleaning Thought

Here is an interesting thought on the reward for a mitzvah that takes time, work and effort. It says about Rivka and Eliezer: "And the servant [Eliezer] ran toward her and said, “Please let me drink some water from your pitcher.” (Bereishis 24:17) Rashi quotes a Midrash that says Eliezer ran toward Rivka because he saw that when Rivka drew water for herself, the water rose towards her of its own volition. Yet, the Ramban points out that when Eliezer later asked Rivka to draw water for him, the Pasuk says: ‘[Rivka] herself drew all the water for his camels.’ This time, the water did not rise up to greet her on its own.

The Kedushas Levi explains that when Rivka went to draw water for herself, Hashem accommodated her and made the water rise toward her since she was a tzaddekes. However, since Eliezer had requested water from her, she would now be fulfilling a mitzvah. Hashem did not want to ease her burden, since doing so would lessen her reward. Therefore, He made her work as hard as any other person in order to accomplish the mitzvah.

What a wonderful thought! During this short and sometimes pressured period between Purim and Pesach, we sometimes may wish that things could be a bit easier, and could go just a tad more smoothly. That might not always happen, but we should most definitely be encouraged and energized by the fact that Rivka Imeinu did not have it easy either--and that was especially so--so that the sweat and toil involved with the Mitzvah in the here and now could go a very, very long way in the forever and ever. As you perform your tasks in preparation for the Chag, remember that whatever you are doing is not for the day or for the week, but for the eternal and everlasting thereafter!

Taken from today's hakhel post.


  1. Just beautiful!

  2. Very nice!
    Halevai I'll have such a positive outlook while cleaning :)

  3. Anon-Thanks, glad you liked!

    SG-Your attitude towards Pesach cleaning may not change overnight, but reading articles such as these definitely helps, don't you think so?!


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