Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Every mitzva that you do buys you olam haba that is the money to get into gan eden:)


  1. Great video. Chaya Sara, thanks for posting it!

    We need to remember that this is a REAL thing, it's not just a song! When you do a mitzvah, you are seriously getting olam haba for yourself. You are planting a garden of trees and flowers that you will get to enjoy in the next world!
    The more effort you put in to your mitzvos, the harder you work, the more beautiful your garden will be!

    Keep on planting!

  2. Thanks for posting the video!!!!!! This is one of my favorite songs; one of the first Jewish songs I really got into that paved the way for me to open my mind to other Jewish music. "Taaseh Mitzva, Konai Olam Haba" is such an empowering catchphrase to string in your mind whenever you are faced with an opportunity to do a mitzva


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