Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cycle of Life

The cycle of life begins
When a child is born
The parents are rejoicing
While the angels above mourn

The baby is not capable
His parents take care of his every need
From the diapers that must be changed
To the food they are sure to feed

As he grows up slowly
He learns to do things on his own
Now he can care for himself
As he is already grown

The cycle of life continues
As the child becomes a man
He can now provide for himself
As life goes according to his plans

Then he grows even older
Things get harder to do
Now he begins to rely on others
The cycle now continues

The parents who provided for him
Are now long gone
It's time for him to try
To find help so he can move on

It's hard to be old
It's hard to age
No one could imagine
What it's like to be at the next stage

The wheel starts moving
And yes it moves real fast
Time passes by
It flies by oh so fast

Now the man who used to be a child
Relies on his children to be there
He needs them to do simple tasks
And they take turns taking care

The cycle of life that began with his parents
Now continues as his children see
That he needs them to be there
And watch over him wholeheartedly

This is the message I am trying to bring out
That life begins and ends this way
We rely on others from the very beginning
And at the end it is also the same

Let's try to keep in mind
That we are not here forever
This is something very important
For each of us to remember

If we took advantage of our time
And spent it wisely too
We'd look back at our life
With pride in everything we did do


  1. Thanks! It's a great reminder!
    It is a great feeling to have pride over all the moments in time we used wisely and made something useful out of it. It's also great to know that while you are living up these moments and using it to serve Hashem, these moments will be eternal. All the things we use to elevate us and help us become closer to Hashem, will remain with us after 120. When a person's neshama goes up to shamayim after 120, he won't take his house,any riches he owned, and not even his guf, the only thing that will remain with him- is his mitzvos and ma'asim tovim, and only the ruchniyes. So we should all continue climbing the ladder and make our time meaningful!
    Great Article!!!

  2. thank you.this is such a great reminder that we are only a small part and that we must never take what we have for granted.it also reminds us that sometimes we have to rely on others.thanks again.

  3. Elle-thanks.

    smiley-that's so true. Time is so precious and we need to use it well and we need to remember what comes along with us after 120!

    nechama-yes, that's right. It's hard to rely on others but this world is a circle and at some points someone may be at the top but then it goes around...


  4. meaning that they are at the bottom? because i think we are only at the position in life that we make ourselves to be and are only who or what we are by who we act.

  5. nechama, you make a very good point. It's true that we are in the position that we make ourselves to be but I was referring to something else. I'm saying that what goes around comes around and sometimes someone may be at the top - at the prime of their life, full of energy and strength to take care of themselves. But then they age, they move on and they need to rely on other people to take care of them. This is something we need to remember when we DO have all the strength to live life - that it may not always be that way and one day we may depend on others for help.

    I wrote this poem a little while after my grandfather a"h was niftar - this was just one of the things I thought about.

  6. i see.thanks for clarifying that.:)

  7. It's important to appreciate our family and close ones before it's too late!


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