Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When your patience level is below zero…

…take a deep breath. This is your chance to get better at it. Of course you think you can’t do much more. But that’s the point. At that moment you can dig somewhere deep inside yourself and find a teeny bit of something you never knew you had. An extra dose of tolerance.

I’m trying it. Right now. I don’t have to describe exactly what is going on in this room at the moment but suffice it to say that I’m finding it. That extra dose of patience. And I’ll become even more patient.

Let go.

Breath in.

And out.

And in.

And out.

This too shall pass.

There. You can do it. You’ll get there.

It takes work but it will be worth it.

I’d rather be a patient, calm, relaxed mother than one who screams and yells when my patience wears thin. I’d rather learn how to stretch another centimeter so my rubber band doesn’t break when pulled.

I’m doing it. Starting now. And I’m getting there.

Wanna give it a try next time your patience starts wearing thin?

Written while I was in the moment...


  1. sounds like you have certainly "inspired yourself"! :)

    hope you found your piece of mind!

  2. Wow! and it's amazing how you were able to write it and remain calm when you couldve easily chosen another way! It really shows that you are a growing person and one who always wants to do the right thing!:)

  3. Oh gosh, this is such a struggle. Because I'm always running on slightly less sleep than I need, my patience is always much closer to the edge than I would like. Thank you for this!


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