Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today - Pesach Sheini

Today is Pesach Sheini. What is so special about this day?

When Bnei Yisroel celebrated their first Pesach in the midbar, there were some people who were unable to partake in the korban pesach since they were tamei (they were impure because they were exposed to a dead body). They came to Moshe Rabbeinu and complained to him saying, “It’s not fair! Why should we lose out on this special mitzvah? We also want to be able to fulfill it!”

They didn’t say to themselves, “Yessss! We missed out on it and now we don’t have to do this mitzvah! We can get away with not doing it…” or anything of the sort. They were bothered and hurt by the fact that they were losing out on a chance to do a mitzvah. This mitzvah was so precious to them that they were upset that they didn’t get to do it! They took the time to bring this matter to Moshe's attention and beg for another chance!

Hashem told Moshe about Pesach Sheini-which gives any person who was unable to bring the korban at it’s proper time (through no fault of their own-not because they were lazy) a second chance. And it wasn't just for that year, it wasn't just a one-time thing. This was a message and a mitzvah for every generation. From now on, every year, on the 14th of Nissan, we celebrate Pesach Sheini.

The first thing to think about is, are we so excited and do we love mitzvos so much that when we don’t get to do it, we feel like we lost out on the opportunity of a lifetime and wish we can make up for it? Do we realize how precious each and every mitzvah truly is? We can take this message from the Jews in the midbar who begged for another chance to do the mitzvah they lost out on.

And the second thing to learn is that Hashem gives every person a second chance. It is never too late to change. If there is something you wanted to work on, something you want to stop doing or something you wanted to start doing, now's the time to take the message and make that change. You can always come closer to Hashem, even if you feel you are so far away from Him.

So take the message, make the change and...enjoy the matzah!


  1. You are so right!!! It is such an important lesson to learn from the reaction of the jews in the midbar when they lost out on a mitzvah! It was sooo important to them and they felt so bad they missed out on it!
    How many times do I think to myself that I really lost out when a mitzvah just passed me by?
    If we would only think to ourself how precious every single mitzvah is!!! It's another chance to connect to our creator!!!
    And- yes- it's never too late to work on something and change. Never, Ever! If you always wanted to do something and didn't, DO IT NOW! You have the chance NOW!!!
    Our loving father is always, always waiting to hear from us!!!

  2. Beautiful!!
    I really needed to read/hear this today. Thank you for the chizzuk!

  3. thanks! thats a good message! and i was wondering what message we can take from the idea of Pesach sheini!

  4. smiley-thanks. It's true, now's the time to make the change!

    MW-glad you liked :-)

    SG-I love when people say it's just what they needed to hear. I never know when someone will need to hear exactly what I post at a specific time but I'm really happy to have given you the chizuk. Thanks for your comment!

    Tamar-thanks, there's a lesson to take from everything, we just have to dig deep and find it!


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