Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time is sooo precious ,Lori gives us an idea of how to use our time wisely!!


  1. That's a great video with a fantastic lesson!

    Just because we aren't in school anymore doesn't mean we should stop learning and growing! I love that - looking back at the end of every day thinking to myself what did I learn today?.
    Thanks so much for posting this video Chaya Sara!

  2. This message is a GREAT one!!. Many times throught the day Hashem sends us messages that is important for us to listen to and grab a hold of....Thank you Chaya Sara for posting this message!!:)

  3. yes we really need to think abt how to use our time to grow and become better people!! bec every min is calculated and every min is sooo precious!!!!! i was thinking that maybe if when we walk in the street instead of being on the phone the whole time...TAKE A BREAK LIVE SEE HOW MUCH YOU DIDNT SEE BEC YOU WERE BUSY ON THE CELL!!!! jst open your eyes and see how beautiful this world is!!thank hashem for the stunning flowers, sun shining into your room:)just thank him that is time well spent and will bring blessings into your life foR THANKING HIM!! SOOOO WORTH IT OF YOUR ASKED ME.... YOUR FRIENDS CAN BE THERE FOR YOU BUT YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN CAN SPLIT SEAS FOR YOU.. I THINK THAT IF YOU CONNECT TO HIM YOU MIGHT FEEL MUCH BETTER BEC YOU ARE CONNECTING TO SOMETHING REAL AND TRUE!! SO JST TRY TO OPEN YOUR EYES AND JUST LOOK OUTSIDE AT THE BREATHE TAKING BEAUTY AND THANK HASHEM FOR IT AND THEN YOU WILL SEE MORE HAPPINESS SURROUNDING YOU!!!


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