Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kindness Poem

We may be very different
Yes, we are, me and you.
But we share a common trait
Because I have feelings too.

Don’t you know the hurt,
Of being put to shame?
You don’t like to sit alone
I am just the same.

Just because I’m foreign
And I sometimes act strange too,
Doesn’t mean I need no friends –
I need them just like you!

No one wants to be my partner
No one wants to chat.
I always sit in the corner
Rarely even glanced at.

My clothes are ragged & dirty
And of course, I’m told.
But inside there is a heart
That needs warmth in the cold.

Yes, we may be different
We really are, me and you.
But everyone has feelings
And I have them just like you!

Taken from www.chinuch.org by Miss Antebi


  1. Great Poem! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks! Nice one!!
    Where's everyone???
    Let's go, comment!!!!!
    THIS BLOG IS THE BEST!- so at least show that!!!!!
    Waiting for your next post!:)

  3. Thanks, glad you all liked :-)


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