Friday, May 6, 2011

we are now going to learn how to connect to hashem for real through the star speaker charlie harary:)we are so lucky to have such a great person!!!


  1. Yes it's sooo true and real- that living with hashem is not only believing that he exists, but having a relationship with Hashem!
    When we say the Ani mamin's- not only do we believe, but we KNOW that Hashem is the real true and only melech!!! and we know that hashem is with us 24/7, wherever we are and whatever we do.
    Living with Hashem feels soooo good because it's the truth and sooo real! Hashem is the real melech!!!!

  2. hi. chaya sara, just wondering if u were able to reach charlie for ur school. if u want i'll tell u a diff email. so email me at.


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