Thursday, May 12, 2011

We need to learn how to connect to hashem in order to recieve the torah thank you charlie harary ..This is a new program..6 constant mitzvos !!


  1. wow. that was like one of his best videos yet!! He just said it ALL sooooooooo well!! so well!
    We learned in school about 3 ways of relating to people- Ahavat HaErv, Ahavat HaMoil, and Ahavat HaTov. The first 2 are conditional, the 3rd is not. Erv is when I benefit from the other, I get good, I feel pleasure from you. Moil is more a give and take- I give you and you give me, many business relationships work like this. Ahavat HaTov, though, is seeing the essence of the other persona nd connecting to that. It is purely about the internal me connecting to the internal other, not based on any external factors. The conditionals have their time and place but will not lead a relationship to last; the relationshop will either disintegrate into it being all about me (total taking) or being a doormat for the other (total giving). Only a relationship based on unconditionals is real and lasts. We want our relationship with Hashem to last, and we know that it would be ridiculous to think the relationship is either only for Him (because He doesnt need us so giving to Him doesnt create a relationship), or only for us (because thats the Avoda Zara thing and realy needs no G-d for that). Only by understanding and connecting to the essense of G-d and loving /Him/ and not/what He does/ for us, or any other external factors that can seem to define Him, can we really have a relationship with Him.

  2. amazing thanx!


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